Transform Your Space with These 10 Apartment Decorating Ideas

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Apartment decorating can be a lot of fun.  There is so much excitement that comes with decorating your first, second or even third apartment!

Frankly, I never tire of decorating and redecorating.  It’s a chance to establish your style and decide how you want your home to function.

Apartment decorating is unique in that you tend to have spatial as well as structural restraints.

But, never fear, here are 10 apartment decorating tips that will bring a ton of style without damaging walls or taking up too much space.

10 Apartment Decorating Ideas

Gallery Wall

Try a gallery wall.  Photographs and art prints are a great way to add color to bland beige apartment walls.

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Gallery Wall

Window Treatments

Curtains are the perfect way to cozy up any space.  Adding curtains or drapery to your apartment will also give you the appearance of being settled in your space.

It will help you control your lighting, privacy, and even the temperature of a room to your lighting.

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Flowers and House Plants

Adding flowers to the inside and on the outside of your apartment will quite literally add life to your space.  Don’t forget a nice seasonal wreath on your door.

Greeting visitors with a beautiful wreath at the door makes for a great first impression.

House Plants

Wall Mural

If you want to add color on a large scale and painting or wallpaper is a no go, try a wall mural decal.  Large scale wall art is very popular right now and can be used to create an accent wall without having to break out the paint bucket.

Wall Mural Decal
Source: Pinterest

Tiered Trays

If you’re tight on space, tiered trays are a great way to store and display items.  While they’re traditionally used to serve food, they also make great jewelry holders, perfume displays, and are a creative way to store hand towels and bathroom toiletries.

apartment decorating - Tiered Tray Decor

Entertainment Centers

A great multi-tasking piece of furniture is an entertainment center.  It will do double and triple duty by housing your television, books, and other decor items.

apartment decorating ideas - Entertainment Center


Another great way to add storage without taking up too much space are by using baskets.

I swear by using them in my pantry to help organize items.  It keeps things organized and easy to access.  They can also be used to store bath towels and throw blankets.

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Basket Decor


Creating distinct zones in an open plan apartment can be done easily with a rug.  They’re also great for adding color to your space, and of course, adding a little extra cushion under your feet.

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Rugs in Apartment

Bookcase Mudroom

If you don’t have a hallway closet, or just need a little extra storage in your entryway, try a bookcase mudroom.  These are great for apartments.

Just make sure you have enough room in your entry.  You don’t want it to crowd you as you go in and out.

apartment decorating ideas - Bookcase Mudroom


Enlarge and brighten your space by adding a mirror.  They’re great over a fireplace, near a dining set, or at your entry.

Round Mosaic Wall Mirror –

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apartment decorating ideas

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