15 Cheap Home Decor Websites No One Talks About

Cheap Home Decor Websites No One Talks About

Cheap home decor websites that offer a great selection of good quality decor are all over the place.  Unfortunately, in the online space, their voices are often drowned out by the big retailers.

We all know and love the standards.  Wayfair, Amazon, Target, Walmart, etc.  But, there can be a downside to only shopping at big retailers.

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Is Rent To Own Furniture A Good Idea?

rent to own furniture

Rent to own furniture is a tempting proposition when you’re decorating on a budget. For a lot of people, buying new furniture is a headache.  Besides being expensive, it can be hard to tell if a piece really works in a room until you actually have it in your home. It’s no wonder that renting … Read more

Blue and Mauve Living Room Refresh For Spring

Blue and Mauve Living Room

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While January technically rings in the new year, spring is when many of us press the restart button on our seasonal decor.  This year, I wanted to give extra thought to my traditional seasonal updates.  I decided to attempt a blue and mauve living room refresh.

There are few things more exciting to me than springtime.  But, I tend to do a variation of the same white and pink floral set up every year.

This year I decided to sit down and brainstorm a theme.  I would then plot a course of action and seek out a few special items to bring my vision together.

In this post, I’ll show you exactly how I was able to pull off this blue and mauve living room refresh for spring.

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How To Decorate A Living Room With 5 Simple Things

How To Decorate A Living Room With Simple Things

Knowing how to decorate a living room with simple things can save you a lot of time and energy.

The living room tends to be the area of the home that is the most decorated.  And this makes good sense.

Because the living room hosts many functions, is a high-traffic area and is also a place where we entertain guests, it is often the showpiece of a home.

Luckily, you don’t have to have a lot of things or have spent years curating items to make a living room look beautiful.

In fact, you can decorate a living room with five very simple items that you can find just about anywhere.

In this post, we’ll talk about exactly what those five items are, how to use them, and where to find them when you’re decorating on a budget.

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Interior Design “Mistakes” Regular People Don’t Care About

interior design mistakes

Let’s face it, there are some interior design mistakes that we just don’t care about.

Multiple times a year I come across articles, blog posts, and videos with the top interior design mistakes according to designers. But I’m here to tell you, and them, some of these things we just don’t care about.

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How To Decorate A Bedroom With 5 Simple Things

How To Decorate a Bedroom With Simple Things

You don’t need much to decorate a bedroom and have it look amazing.  While other areas of your home may require a bit more “jewelry”, you can absolutely decorate a bedroom with simple things.

The best part about decorating this room of your home is that all the elements you need can be easily found at an affordable price.

If you want to learn how to decorate your bedroom with simple things and save yourself a ton of money in the process, keep reading.

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20 Easy Over The Toilet Decorating Ideas

over the toilet decorating ideas

Over the toilet decorating isn’t the most glamorous topic, but it can make a huge difference in your bathroom.

When decorating a home, bathrooms can easily fall into the realm of the purely utilitarian.  And with good reason – cleanliness and practicality tend to take precedent.

But bathrooms are also your home’s oases.

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How To Organize Laundry Room Cabinets

how to organize laundry room cabinets

If despite your best efforts your laundry room cabinets are still a disaster you’re not alone.

I’ve made it no secret that I absolutely despise doing laundry. But over the years I have come to realize that a big part of my disdain for this household chore lies with the disorganization of my laundry room.

I realized that completing a full cycle of laundry was a difficult task for me because everything was either heavy and out of reach, not in the place where I last left it, or I did not have the right supplies on hand to properly launder my clothing.

In this post, we’ll explore solutions for high laundry room cabinets and the best way to organize them.

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What To Put In Large Glass Jars For Decoration

what to put in large glass jars for decoration

When it comes to deciding what to put in large glass jars for decoration, there are a ton of great options.

However, depending upon where you plan to display this decor, you may want to select one idea over another.

In this post, we’ll take a look at different jar filler options and how to decide which one is right for you.

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