4 Helpful Home Problem-Solving Amazon Finds

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We all have those nuisance problems around the house. Things that don’t need to be urgently fixed, but could work better. Luckily, after a lot of scrolling through YouTube shorts, I found a handful of home problem-solving Amazon finds to test out.

I’m happy to report, that these all work amazingly well and are inexpensive fixes to problems many of us have in our homes.

Home Problem-Solving Amazon Finds

I was able to track down solutions to the following 5 problems.

  1. A garage door that always swings closed when I need it to stay open while unloading groceries, kids, etc.
  2. A bedroom door that slams shut whenever I open the windows due to a cross breeze.
  3. An easy laundry solution for my kids that prevents me from having to lug multiple baskets/bags up and down the stairs.
  4. A way to secure my bathroom rugs so that they don’t slide, but can still be pulled up, washed, and put back in place.
  5. A way to stop my duvet ties from coming undone and/or stop my inserts from sliding around inside their cover.

The first product I found works for problems 1 & 2. It’s a magnetic doorstop! Yes, a magnetic doorstop. I didn’t even know these things existed.

1. Crosize Magnetic Door Stoppers

I opted for a 2-pack of magnetic door stoppers from Crosize, boasting 4.3 stars and over 1,300 reviews.

Available in silver/chrome, black, or white finishes, you can choose between 1-pack or 4-pack options.

What caught my attention was the no-screw installation feature. These stoppers easily mount with strong adhesive tape, allowing floor or wall placement—a versatile solution.

My main issue was the garage door swinging closed while my hands were full—be it groceries or trash trips. Enter the magnetic door stopper: a simple solution to a daily annoyance.

Installation was a breeze. After removing the adhesive backing, I mounted the stopper to the wall, replacing the existing doorstop.

The magnetic hold kept the door open smoothly, and a gentle tug released it for closure.

This solution not only tackled the garage door issue but also prevented bedroom door slamming. Although I noticed a slight magnet strength difference, both stoppers worked flawlessly.

Overall, these door stoppers are highly recommended for their effectiveness and hassle-free installation.

crosize magnetic door stopper
crosize magnetic door stopper
crosize magnetic door stopper
crosize magnetic door stopper
problem-solving amazon finds

2. Zipper Bottom Hanging Laundry Hamper Bags

For my laundry woes,

I stumbled upon a fantastic solution: a two-pack of zippered bottom laundry hamper bags. These are an absolute game-changer and quickly became my favorite find.

They function like over-the-door laundry bags, hanging conveniently on the back of your door with large oval openings for easy clothes-dropping. Plus, they feature front pockets for delicates or sorting laundry.

The standout feature? A zipper runs across the bottom, allowing easy transfer of laundry to your basket.

I simply place my laundry basket underneath, unzip the bag, and everything drops in. Zip it back up, and I’m ready to move on to the next room.

This setup has been a lifesaver for managing my kids’ laundry.

What’s more, these bags come with adhesive hooks, eliminating the need for over-the-door hooks.

Adjusting the height was crucial for accessibility, especially for my kids. With the hooks placed lower, they can easily toss their clothes in without any trouble.

Gone are the days of running up and down the stairs with multiple baskets. With these bags, everything is streamlined.

No more scattered clothes on the floor; just unzip, drop, and go. It’s made laundry day a breeze, saving both time and sanity.

This set of two came at a steal, costing less than $20. I opted for a brand called Foam Bag, which has excellent reviews and lives up to its promises.

They’re affordable and functional, and I’d buy them again without hesitation. If you’re in need of a laundry organization solution, look no further.

zipper bottom hanging laundry bag
home problem-solving amazon finds
zipper bottom hanging laundry bag
zipper bottom hanging laundry bag

3. Iron on Duvet Snaps

Let’s dive into the world of duvet covers and inserts. Swapping out duvet covers is a favorite way to refresh my bed’s look without a heavy laundry load every few weeks. But, no matter the ties or buttons inside, they always seem to come undone or lack the secure hold I need.

Enter: iron-on duvet snaps, a problem-solving Amazon find that proved perfect. These snaps provide extra security between the cover and insert.

They come in packs of 16, providing eight sets—one for the cover and one for the insert. Eight sets work well for a king-size bed; for smaller beds, four sets suffice.

The best part? These snaps endure laundry cycles, offering a long-term solution.

I opted for the brand Cooklaza on Amazon, avoiding flower-shaped snaps for simplicity.

Installing them was a breeze: find the corners, iron on the snaps, and let cool.

Once installed, simply snap the cover and insert together, flip inside out, and you’re set. No more sliding inserts or worries about loose pins.

These snaps offer hassle-free security, making bed-making a breeze. If your duvet insert needs some stability, give these a try—they’re a game-changer.

problem-solving amazon finds
iron on duvet snaps

4. Velcro Rug Grippers

When it comes to keeping your area rugs in place, there’s a myriad of options, but finding solutions for rugs that need regular washing, like bathroom rugs, can be trickier.

For both of my bathrooms, I’ve found that velcro-style rug grippers work best.

I purchased these on Amazon years ago, and much like the iron-on snaps, they endure wash cycles. They come in a pack of 16, providing 8 sets of rug grippers.

Unlike the snaps, no ironing is required—attach the black, rough end to the floor and peel off the backing from the white, softer end to attach it to the corner of your rug. The velcro allows for adjustments in positioning, providing convenience.

Over about 2 and a half years of regular use, I’ve only had to replace three sets.

At around $10 for a set of 8, even if replacements were necessary annually, it’d still be worth it for the convenience of easily washing and reinstalling rugs.

It’s a fantastic solution for bathroom rugs you want to launder.

These grippers even allow for light vacuuming without the rug getting sucked up, adding to their practicality.

I highly recommend this style of rug grippers—mine are from JIOL Store on Amazon. They’re a fantastic problem-solving solution that I’ve repurchased and will continue to do so because of their effectiveness.

velcro rug grippers


Those are the 4 problem-solving Amazon finds that I’ve been loving lately. They’ve made things around the home so much easier. I’ll list each of the products below.

  1. Magnetic Doorstop
  2. Zipper Bottom Laundry Bag
  3. Iron on Duvet Snaps
  4. Velcro Rug Grippers

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