10 Decorative Ways to Display & Store Bath Towels

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One thing that makes spas and hotel bathrooms seem so fancy is how they store and display bath towels.

They’re always so neat, crisp, clean, and accessible.  It’s everything you want and need when you’re in an unfamiliar place.

At home, however, the more popular route has been to display decorative towels in your guest bathroom and hide the functional towels out of sight.

Unfortunately for guests, this creates a situation where we often don’t know if we’re actually supposed to use the towel on the rack; or if it’s just for decoration.  And if I can easily identify it as decorative, I’m then on the hunt for the “real towels”.

Towel detective is not a game that I personally like to play.  It’s really frustrating to have to ask “where the heck do I dry my hands”?!  And, for that reason, I never use decorative towels in my home.

Decorative Towels vs. Decorative Storage

Luckily, the tide is changing on this old style of bathroom decor.

More and more people are adopting decorative storage over decorative towels.  A move that is long overdue, in my opinion.  There are so many new and creative ways to store and display bath towels.

Best of all, that upscale resort-style bathroom feel is even easier to achieve by using decorative storage for your towels.

10 Decorative Storage Ideas for Bath Towels

Below are 10 examples of how to decorate with bathroom towels.

1. Ladder Shelf

Consider hanging your towels on a ladder-style shelf.  This type of display is easy to maintain and has a slim profile which makes it great for small spaces.

Bath Towels Display

2. Crate Storage

Simply folded bath towels in stacked crates create a beautifully organized display. These little cubbies can provide storage for all sorts of things, including q-tips, cotton balls, toilet paper, and decorative accents like plants and candles.

Bath Towels Display
Source: decoratioon.com

3. Wall Caddy

It looks like an old wooden planter has been re-purposed into a towel caddy.  This looks like a great DIY project.

bath towels display
Source: purewow.com

4. Floating Shelves

A tall floating shelf installation provides ample space to display and store bath towels.

bath towels display
Source: Pinterest

5. Planter Storage

This decorative planter has been re-purposed into a storage container for bathroom towels.  This is another easy to maintain storage option.  Simply roll you towels and stack them into the planter.

bath towels storage
Source: Pinterest

6. Guest Basket

I absolutely love this little basket filled with towels for guests.  What a great way to welcome friends and family.

bathroom towels display
Source: hunker.com

7. Tiered Tray

This 3 tiered tray display from WhimsyGirlDesign is a great way to place hand towels front and center on your counter.

bath towels storage
Source: whimsygirldesign.blogspot.com

8. Wall Mounted Baskets

Basket wall storage is a great way to display your washcloths, hand towels, and towels and keep them organized.

Bath towels display
Source: hometoz.com

9. Basket Storage

Another visually pleasing way to use baskets as towel storage is to place one directly on your countertop.  Then, roll your towels and stand them up vertically to maximize space.  It will make your towels easily accessible and look neat and orderly.

bath towels display
Source: apartmenttherapy.com

10. Wire Rack & Hooks

This wall-mounted wire towel rack with hooks does double duty. It beautifully stores clean towels as well as provides the ability to hang used towels to dry.

bath towels display
Source: remodelista.com


I’m curious to know if you use decorative storage or decorative towels as a part of your bathroom decor.  Please let me know in the comments below.  For more decorative bath towel storage inspiration check out my Pinterest Board.  If you liked this post please share it with a friend and follow me on Medium for more content.

10 Decorative Ways to Display & Store Bath Towels
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