7 No Island Kitchen Lighting Ideas

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Are you stumped for ideas on how to elegantly light your kitchen with no island?  If so, you’ve landed on the right post.  Here we’ll review 7 different methods for no island kitchen lighting along with a ton of great example lighting fixtures.

Because so many kitchens are set up for the island to be the focal point of the entire room, hanging pendant lighting above the island comes a statement piece for the kitchen.

However, when you’re working with a kitchen without an island, it can be hard to know the best way to light your space.

You don’t have that built-in anchor to the whole room, which can leave you feeling like you’re working with a blank slate. But it’s actually an opportunity.

There are a lot of ways to light and style a kitchen without centering the light fixtures around the island.

Let’s go over a few kitchen lighting ideas and how to use them.

gally kitchen lighting ideas
Photo Credit: newblooming.com

No Island Kitchen Lighting Ideas

1. Center Chandelier

Center chandeliers are a great no-island kitchen lighting solution.

By making a big statement, a large chandelier helps set the style tone for the whole room. If you go this route, make sure you get one you love, because it’ll play a big part in your kitchen’s overall look.

When choosing a center chandelier, look for one that provides ample light but is still diffuse and well-shaded enough that you’re not staring into a single bright lightbulb.

center chandelier galley kitchen
Photo Credit: Instagram @agi_at_59

Opaline Glass Beehive Pendant Light

The retro-style beehive pendant light shown below would make the perfect addition to any kitchen.  Especially, if you have no island kitchen as it is a showpiece all on its own. 

The white opaline glass offers a broad diffused light and the open-ended beehive style will give you a bit of downward directional light as well.

Center a round area rug or decorative tile work just below this light fixture for a picture-perfect look.  You can find the Opaline Glass Beehive Pendant Light at trainspotters.co.uk*.  International shipping is available. 

Source: Trainspotters.co.uk

Light Sputnik Sphere Chandelier

A multi-bulb style like this Jankowski 6 Light Sputnik Sphere Chandelier would be right at home in a Mid-Century Modern layout or a contemporary kitchen. It’s modern without being too cold or formal, and the brass finish adds a touch of glam.

kitchen chandelier ideas
Source: Wayfair.com

Kitchen Pot Rack Chandelier

If you’re all about form meeting function, consider a chandelier that serves a dual purpose like this pot rack. Multipurpose items like this can look right at home in a rustic chic or modern industrial-style home.

no kitchen island lighting
Source: LampsPlus.com

Circles Sphere Pendant Light

You can’t go wrong with a statement pendant light. The gold tones will warm up just about any room, and the design is simultaneously whimsical and sophisticated.

kitchen chandelier ideas
Source: shadesoflight.com

Statement Tiered LED Chandelier

In a modern, minimalist kitchen, don’t be afraid to go with a chandelier that’s artistic or even a little sculptural.

no kitchen island statement lighting
Source: Wayfair.com

Pendant Lighting Fixture with Lantern

The rustic chic vibes of these pendant lights would make a perfect addition to a rustic kitchen.

These are advertised as fixtures meant to hang over an island, but don’t let that put you off.  They’d look just as good over a kitchen table or hanging in the center of the room – and they’re beautiful enough to be worth drawing the eye toward.

no island kitchen lighting ideas
Source: Walmart.com

Sleek Minimalist Island Chandelier

Here’s another pick that’s marketed as an island chandelier. But it would work just as well in the middle of a long kitchen (or hanging over the sink, but we’ll get to that).

no island kitchen lighting
Source: shadesoflight.com

2. Over-the-Sink Chandelier

For big kitchens, you might want a chandelier over the sink and in the center of the room.

Make sure they play nicely together and don’t overwhelm the style of the room.  You could choose two of the same chandelier, or two different chandeliers of similar styles.

over the sink kitchen lighting
Photo Credit: shineyoulightblog.com

Waverly 5-Light Vanity Light

An adjustable vanity-style fixture like this one would be perfect over a sink.

Go with whatever metallic tone matches your decor.  If you want direct light, point the shades downward. 

For more diffused light, turn them upwards for an elevated look.  Or, consider frosted shades instead of totally transparent ones.

creative kitchen lighting ideas
Source: Jossandmain.com

Westinghouse Elway Linear Chandelier

This striking design would be perfect over the sink in a lot of different kitchen setups.

The exposed barnwood gives it a Modern Farmhouse or rustic chic vibe, but it would work just as well in an industrial-style kitchen.  The multi-level bulbs add visual interest, and exposed bulbs always make a big statement.

linear chandelier
Source: Build.com

3. Track Lighting

Track lighting gives you the flexibility of repositioning y our light sources and directions, which is extremely practical.  But beyond just being practical, track lighting gives off a more diffuse, gentle light.

Instead of having all your lighting come from one or two big sources, you have smaller lights throughout.

Myrna Bronze Scroll Track Fixture

If you’re going to go with track lighting, you still want the fixtures to go with the rest of your kitchen. I love that the scrolling design on this fixture feels whimsical and elegant at the same time.

no kitchen island lighting
Source: Lampsplus.com

Nowell 5-Light Track Kit

Track lights like these tend to go really well in sleek, contemporary decorating schemes. 

track lighting for kitchen
Source: Wayfair.com

Elm Park Brushed Nickel 6-Light Fixture

For ultimate versatility, look for a fixture that strikes a balance between styles. If your kitchen decor is eclectic, you may want to toe the line between contemporary and homey in your fixtures.

This leaves you free to change the rest of the decor without worrying about your designs clashing with the lighting.

kitchen track lighting ideas
Source: Lampsplus.com

Kichler Sylvia 6-Light Wall Sconce

These classic track lights will look good in almost any kitchen, thanks to their timeless, versatile design.  They’d also mount on a ceiling just as well as they’d mount on a wall, giving you total flexibility.

no kitchen island lighting ideas
Source: build.com

4. Recessed Lighting

In most kitchens, you’ll want several lighting sources.  This is especially true for large kitchens.

Recessed lighting (fixtures installed directly into alcoves in the ceiling) can complement other lighting sources, or they can be the sole lighting source.

The second option is ideal if you’re going for a clean, sleek, minimalist appearance – or if you just don’t want the focal points of your kitchen decor to be lighting-based.

One of the best things about recessed lighting is its versatility. Most come with dimmers, so you can adjust your lighting to your needs. And you can combine recessed lighting with flush mount ceiling lights.

They’re especially good for countertops, where cabinets can cast long shadows if you don’t strategically position your lighting.

recessed lighting in kitchen
Photo Credit: clarkandaldine.com

5. Under-Cabinet Lighting

You don’t want shadows in your kitchen.  On the practical side, you want to be able to see what you’re doing while you’re wielding a knife or handling hot food.

On the other hand, you also spend a lot of time in your kitchen, and unless you’re going for a moody, dimly-lit look, having a poorly-lit workspace tends to feel exhausting and uninviting. 

That’s where under-cabinet lighting comes in.

Under-cabinet lighting is made to be discreet rather than stand out, so you’ll want to look for low-profile fixtures that won’t be too prominent hanging from the bottom of your cabinets.

But despite their incognito appearance, different under-cabinet lights can still affect the feel of your kitchen.  Depending on what you choose, they can make your kitchen feel warmer or more contemporary.

LED White Wireless Under Cabinet Light

A light bar or strip lighting installed under your cabinets to illuminate your countertops is a very trendy way to light your kitchen.

These affordable, battery-operated lights have a beautiful design that blends into your cabinets, for subtle illumination.

Strip lights are an ideal choice if you’re looking for a clean, streamlined lighting option.  They’ll also give your space a modern feel.

under cabinet lighting
Source: HomeDepot.com

LED White AC Puck Lights

If you want a gentler, more diffuse, maybe even nostalgic feel in your under-cabinet lighting, consider puck lights.

Where strip lights are consistent throughout, puck lights are generally evenly spaced at intervals.  This gives a bit of a spotlight effect and can feel much softer.

When positioning your lights, make sure to consider what parts of your counters need the most light, and focus on those areas.

under cabinet puck lighting
Source: HomeDepot.com

6. Flush-Mount Ceiling Lights

Flush-mount ceiling lights, ever-popular in homes, are mounted directly onto the ceiling and shine directly downward.

If your kitchen has a lower ceiling, you’ll probably want to consider flush-mounted lights, as a low-hanging chandelier can make a low-ceilinged space feel cramped.

Flush-mount fixtures also come in such a wide variety of styles that it’s easy to find fixtures that complement the rest of the room.  They’re a fantastic no island kitchen lighting solution.

Golden Lighting Duncan Flush Mount Fixture

A sleek, low-profile fixture like this is timeless and can go with just about any kitchen.  I’m personally a fan of the pewter and seafoam color, but of course, you’ll want to choose the color combination that fits your kitchen best.

flush mount kitchen light
Source: Build.com

Jonathan Y Lighting Stella Semi-Flush Fixture

Flush-mount ceiling lights can lean into “blah” territory fairly easily (we’ve all seen the same frosted-glass domes in suburban homes), so don’t be afraid to look for more out-there options from unexpected design influences.

This angular Deco-style fixture won’t be for every kitchen, but in the right placement, it’ll be absolutely perfect.  And isn’t that how all the best design choices are made?

flush mount kitchen light
Source: Build.com

Eglo Maserlo Fixture with Black and Gold Frame

Flush-mount fixtures can be discreet and low-profile, sure, but that doesn’t mean they can’t subtly add to a kitchen atmosphere.

If your kitchen has dark, moody vibes with a touch of glam, look for a fixture that complements that with a metallic pop.

no island kitchen light
Source: Build.com

Golden Lighting Bartlett Flush Mount Fixture

You don’t often see distressing on ceiling fixtures, but sometimes it looks so right.  If the rest of your kitchen leans hard into the rustic territory, don’t be afraid to reflect that in your lighting.

I love the scuffed matte white against the gold accents here.

contemporary flush mount kitchen light
Golden Lighting Bartlett 2 Light 14″ Wide Flush Mount Ceiling Fixture

7. Acrylic or Glass LED Ceiling Lights

I love glass and acrylic LED ceiling lights.

They give off great light thanks to the LED bulbs, and glass fixtures are undeniably striking.  They’re an ideal choice if you want your lighting to deliver maximum practicality and really pull together a room stylistically. 

A translucent shade gives you a bit of the best of both worlds. You’re not looking directly at a bald light bulb and can choose a beautiful shaded fixture, but you’re also not obscuring your light sources.

Charleston Wide Bronze Clear Glass LED Ceiling Light

A fixture like this is so versatile and striking. The exposed Edison bulb screams “modern industrial,” but the fixture itself manages to be sleek without being too cold.

LED kitchen light
Source: Lampsplus.com

Taur Wide Brushed Nickel 6-Light LED Ceiling Light

For a softer look, consider a brushed or semi-translucent shade. In this case, it gives a feel that strikes a healthy balance between modern and elegant.

no kitchen island lighting
Source: Lampsplus.com

Eagleton Wide Oil-Rubbed Bronze LED Ceiling Light

This is the way to go if you’re looking to double down on a dark, rich, masculine feel. The bronze studs drive home the industrial vibes. But since you still have the glass shade, you’re not looking directly at an exposed bulb.

kitchen lighting ideas
Source: Lampsplus.com

Bronze Oval LED Ceiling Light

And don’t be afraid to go classic when the situation calls for it. A wide, low-profile fixture like this one will get the job done and support an overall classic, homey look.

LED Kitchen lighting ideas
Source: Lampsplus.com


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No Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas

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