The Easy Eight Method For Seasonal Decorating

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Do you want to redecorate for the new season, but the task seems overwhelming?  Are you unsure of where to start or what to do?

Or, do you want to redecorate, but don’t have the money to create the elaborate displays you see all over Instagram?

If this sounds like you, keep reading.

In this post, I’ll share my “Easy Eight Method” for seasonal decorating my home each season.

Why Use the Easy Eight Method?

Before I jump into the list, you may be wondering what is so special about this method.

Why take such a calculated approach to home decorating?

After all, interior styling is a creative art.

Well, first, it saves me time, money, and I always know how to decorate and where to begin.  Second, I know that once I’ve completed each of these areas I will have created a theme that easily conveyed to others.

Having a theme and a cohesive design is what gives your home an elevated look and feel.

As you follow along with the Easy Eight Method, you’ll find that the decorating areas outlined below have something important in common.  That is proximity.

The ability to see multiple areas that have been decorated in a single glance helps your mind recognize theme and cohesion. This is why I find decorating in this matter particularly powerful.  Not to mention, easy and straight forward.

Furthermore, this method is especially useful if you’re just starting out with interior styling and aren’t sure where to start.  It also works if you’re just plain stuck and the creative juices aren’t flowing yet.  So, without further adieu, let’s jump into it.Seasonal Decorating

Easy Eight Method For Seasonal Decorating

1. Seasonal Decorating with a Front Door Wreath

One of the easiest ways to get started with seasonal decorating is to update your front door wreath.  A wreath is a great home accent.

It helps to express your personality and style.  Whether you DIY each season or buy a pre-made wreath, changing this item up a few times each year will help refresh the look of your home.

2. Coffee Table Styling

Adding a few seasonally themed decorative accents to your coffee table display is a quick and easy way to stay current with the season.

This can be done with figurines, scented candles, colored ceramics, flowers, or even the coffee table books you choose to have out.

seasonal decorating - coffee table decorating
Photo Credit: The Design Source

3. Dining Table

A fresh centerpiece for your dining or kitchen table is another way to tackle seasonal decorating easily.  This doesn’t have to be elaborate.

In fact, it can be as simple as switching out a bunch of artificial tulips you displayed during the summer for some sunflowers in the fall.

dining room table
Photo Credit: Adeline Ray Design Studio

4. Mantle

If you have a fireplace mantle, this is the perfect location for some seasonal decor.  You can add vases, figurines, drape a banner, and layout a garland with seasonal foliage.

5. Bathroom Countertop

A small vignette on your guest bathroom vanity is another location that could use a refresh each season.  Much like your front door wreath, this should be displayed with your guests in mind.

Again, this doesn’t need to be elaborate, a simple three-item vignette such as a vase with flowers, a scented candle, and a decorative sign is all you need.

You can make decorating this zone even more affordable by printing off some free graphics and framing them with an inexpensive frame from Dollar Tree.

6. Kitchen Island

A kitchen island or kitchen countertop is a spot I aim to decorate each season.

I generally do this with a tray that is easily moved out of the way if I need more space while preparing meals.

Much like the bathroom vignette, a scented candle or oil diffuser, some florals, and maybe a figurine is all you need.  Tiered trays are also a very popular decorative accent for a kitchen island or counter.

seasonal decorating - kitchen island
Photo Credit: Missy Stewart Designs

7. Throw Pillows

Accenting your furniture with throw pillows that offer a nod to the season is another space to consider decorating.  If you don’t like a ton of pillows on your sofa or just want to save a little money, consider purchasing pillow covers instead.

This is an easy way to update the look of your space without accumulating a bunch of extra bulky pillows that you only use a few months out of the year.  Not to mention, purchasing decorative pillow covers instead of actual pillows is far less expensive.

For more ways to save money while decorating, check out the post “Home Decor Items You Should Stop Buying“.

8. Dish Towels

Kitchen towels and hand towels are a fantastic way to refresh a space.  They make seasonal decorating in the kitchen simple and practical.

My favorite place to get towels each season is Dollar Tree.  Click here to see what they currently have in stock.  Walmart usually has a nice selection as well.


Using this method really does take the guesswork out of seasonal decorating and sets you up for an easy, enjoyable time styling your home.

Do you have a special method for decorating your home?  If so, I’d love it if you’d leave it in the comments below.

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