Versatile Decor: Why the Mason Jar is King

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I have yet to go more than 2 days without seeing a new DIY decor project featuring the mason jar.  From hanging flower pots, to outdoor lighting, to wedding centerpieces, the mason jar is everywhere.  It is by far the most versatile home decor accent around.  But, why?  What makes this unassuming old-timey container so popular?


The Mason Jar

  1. It’s Compact & Sturdy – Although mason jars come in a variety of sizes, none are so big that you can’t hold them in your hands.  A standard mason jar has a 16oz capacity.  This makes it big enough to store a variety of things beyond food while still being portable.

  2. Embossed Design – The original Ball and Kerr Mason Jars have a sleek embossed logo.  This elevates the jar ever so slightly from a basic glass container or other smooth surfaced jar.  The embossing is unique and the calling card of the mason jar.  Without it, the jar would be lacking in style.  In addition to the glass jar itself you have the ridged metal top.  The two paired together are iconic.
  3. Clear Base – The clear base of the mason jar allows it to be used in many ways.  You can paint it and use it as a vase, a centerpiece, a utensil holder, or pencil holder.  Ribbon, lace, and other fabric adhere to it well furthering its versatility.  When used in its original clear state, the options are almost limitless.  A candle or string lights can be tucked inside and used to illuminate a table or walkway.  I’ve also seen mason jars transformed into adorable terrariums.

  4. Nostalgia – Making the old new again is a decor trend that isn’t going away.  Restoring, repurposing, and upcycling old products into new home accents has been, and will be popular for decades to come.  The mason jar’s original purpose was to can fruits and pickle vegetables. Many see the resurgence of the mason jar to be kitchy and cute.  Even more so in recent years with the onslaught of the modern farmhouse decor.
  5. They’re Cheap – Mason jars are quite inexpensive making them accessible to just about anyone who wants them.  You can usually buy a full dozen for less than $20.  This no doubt plays a role in the vast amount of decor items they’re used to create.

Do you have any mason jar decor items in your home?  What is your favorite way to use them?  Comment below with your thoughts.  If you liked this post, please share it with a friend and follow us on Bloglovin.  For mason jar decor inspiration, check out our Pinterest board.

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