5 Amazing DIY Decor Vloggers

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If you’re ready to tackle a new DIY decor project, you’ll need a great tutorial to follow.  My personal favorites are video tutorials and there are some awesome DIY decor vloggers out there.

Creators not only explain what they’re doing, but you can see the steps in action.  It’s incredibly helpful.

DIY Decor Vloggers vs DIY Decor Bloggers

Blog style tutorials are also really great, so long as they don’t gloss over too many of the fine details.  If you prefer written instructions or a guide you can just print out and have next to you while you create, you may prefer to follow DIY bloggers.

However, if you’re interested in more detailed crafts of DIY furniture, its easier to follow a video tutorial, in my opinion.  Having the ability to pause and rewatch movements is a huge help.

5 Amazing DIY Decor Vloggers

Yet, no matter which route you go, finding a great do it yourself tutorial starts with the instructor.

If you see one video that you were able to follow to the letter, without issue, and with great results, you’ll most likely find another from the same creator.

YouTube is arguably the biggest platform on which to find DIY decor tutorials and creators.  Here are a few of my personal favorites.

1- Bargain Bethany

I love her glam and farmhouse tutorials.  They look great and 9 times out of 10 are made completely from Dollar Tree items.

Bethany is outstanding at taking a basic Dollar Tree item, such as a candlestick and turning it into something amazing.  I’ve seen her transform these into everything from elaborate candelabras to jewelry stands and more.

2. GiftBasketAppeal (now Mindless Crafting)

Although this vlogger has her roots in gift basket designs, the very first tutorial I followed from her was a Christmas wreath made entirely out of ribbon.

My version definitely didn’t look as nice as hers (I need to practice a bit more with my bows) but it was really nice and I was proud to hang it on my door and tell everyone I’d made it from scratch!

3. DoItOnADime

I’ve been following DoItOnADime for a few years now and I always love to see posts with DIY projects.  Kathryn shares lots of tips on how to decorate, clean, and organize your home on a budget.

She also features Dollar Tree decor projects and DIY dupes for higher cost items.

4. Ashleigh Lauren

This DIY Vlogger is a recent find for me and I think she is absolutely hilarious.  Her extreme passion for do-it-yourself projects and upcycling furniture is very clear.

She offers tutorials on a lot of amazing farmhouse and rustic style decor.

5. The Magnolia Housewife

I just love the items The Magnolia Housewife creates.  Her projects always look so refined and classy.  She also walks you through every step thoroughly and demonstrates everything.  Great DIYer.


For more info on how to select the perfect DIY decor project check out my previous post here.  If you found this list helpful please share it with a friend.

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