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As minimalism and white washed (or in recent years grey washed) decor eases its way out of the current decor trends, maximalist decor has emerged to fill its place.  This more is more philosophy can make for a breathtaking space.  It can also leave you scratching your head as to practicality of this style in your home.


Maximalism provokes so many questions.  Such as, can you really function in this space?  Who lives here? And, will people think I’m a hoarder?


How to approach maximalist decor


Let’s look at the first question.  Can you really function in this space?  The answer is yes.  You’ll notice many of the gorgeous examples shown throughout this post isolate this more is more aesthetic to walls.  We’re not talking about 5 layers of rugs or crates on top of barrels here.  The examples we’ve seen are tastefully arranged wall art, photos, book shelves, and cabinetry.  No one is tripping over furniture in a cluttered room or shovelling pathways through stacks of 40 year old newspapers a la hoarders.


Even a maximalist kitchen will have clear counters, sinks, and tabletops.  The statement is either isolated to a wall or two, or possibly some artfully arranged glass cabinets.  Although, most of the highlights we’ve dug up are small sitting areas, nooks, libraries/studies, patios, etc.


The next question is how to approach this design style.

Try starting with one oversized piece.  This could be a large chandelier or wall art sculpture to be placed over a fireplace.  Use that piece as your anchor and work from there.  Find you complimentary colors and layer them in next.  If your statement piece is a neutral metal or wood, then the options are endless.  Alternatively, you can also choose to stay within a color family and simply vary in hue.


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Pattern and texture should be considered next.  Mix and match, create something beautiful.  Think smooth art glass vase and knit throws.  Or sequin and faux fur pillows.


And of course, don’t forget all the little extras. Those random table top accents or figurines you picked up on vacation.  Those cool candle wall sconces you were never quite sure where to put.  Maximalism is your chance to add these items in with more reckless abandon.  Be whimsical, show your personality, and have fun!


Lyndsey Dianne

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