DIY Glam Holiday Embellished Candle Holders

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If you’re looking for a little sparkle for your holiday decorations, you’ve come to the right place.  This DIY glam holiday embellished candle holder tutorial is super easy and costs only $7 to create a pair!  Yes, I created these using all Dollar Tree products for just $7.  I’ll link everything I can find on their website so you can get a closer look.

Here’s what you’ll need

7.5 in, Glass Cylinder Vase (x2)

Christmas House Glittery Metal Snowflake Ornament (x2)

Round Mirror Candleholders with Glittery Accents (x2)

Floral Garden Diamond Wrap Ribbon, 9-ft Roll  (x1)

Hot Glue Gun or Super Glue


diy glam candle holder

Step 1: We’ll start by trimming the base of the vase with the diamond wrap.  Measure out how much you’ll need to wrap around the base once, and begin gluing.

Note: Dollar Tree sells two different types of diamond wrap.  I have the non-adhesive roll.  They also sell sticky back sheets that will work for this project as glam candle holder

Step 2: Repeat step one and place a second row of diamond wrap right above the glam candle holder

Step 3: Next we’ll add our ornament.  Snip the string from your ornament.  Then, center it vertically along the edge of the vase.  Once you’re happy with the placement, hot glue generously where the ornament rests against the glass.  This particular ornament does not have a flat back, so you will not need to coat the entire backside with glue.  Only glue the raised areas that will touch the vase.  This will give you a cleaner look in the glam candle holder

Here’s what it will look like once its glued.

diy glam candle holder

Step 4: I decided to trim the top of the vase with diamond wrap as well.  This step can be done when you place the diamond wrap at the bottom in steps 1 and 2.  However, this is the order I ended up doing it in.  To avoid confusion, I want to keep the instructions consistent with the images so I’m sliding it in here.  You’ll use the same process to measure and secure the wrap, but, this time add one row, instead of glam candle holder

Step 5: The last step is to simply glue the vase to the small mirror to create a reflective base.  Simply, center it on the mirror and glue it in place.

Note: They sell diamond wrap and these little mirrors in a silver version as well.

If you’d like to create a pair like I did, simply repeat steps 1 thru 5 again.  Here’s what they look like when they’re complete.  I ultimately plan to use these with led pillar candles that don’t heat up.  If you prefer real candles, you may want to use super glue instead of the hot glue.  You don’t want your glue melting if the glass gets too hot and your embellishments falling off.

Here are a few more shots of the final glam candle holder

diy glam candle holder

Stay tuned for more DIY holiday decor tutorials coming soon.  In case you missed it, check out our DIY Green and Gold Dollar Tree Holiday Decoration.  If you liked this post please share it with a friend and follow Dianne Decor on Bloglovin’.  If you recreate these candle holders I’d love to see them.  Tag us on Instagram @dianne_decor.

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