22 Holiday Tiered Tray Decor Displays You’ll Love

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There’s nothing more spectacular than over-the-top holiday tiered tray decor.  I absolutely love tiered tray displays any time of the year, but especially during the holiday season.

They’re so fun and whimsical.  Plus, there is an endless number of themes to choose from.

Here are some of my favorites.

22 Holiday Tiered Tray Decor Ideas

1. Pink Candyland Tiered Tray

This pink candy-themed tray is adorable.  I especially love the smiling gingerbread men peaking out on every tier.  This display full of creativity and attention to detail.

If you do a lot of baking during the holidays, a cookie and tiered treat tray display is a fun way to showcase your interest and add to your overall holiday decor.

pink candyland tiered tray display
Source: Instagram via @thepinkhutch

2. Plaid Christmas Tiered Tray

If you love the look of traditional rustic Christmas decor, try mimicking this tray from Instagram user cabin.at.stonemtn.

It’s perfectly balanced and I love the holly berry sprays nested in between the larger accents.

The mini lantern, Christmas trees, and jug remind me of cold winter’s day.  The color palette is spot on and the amount of decorative accents is just enough to make a statement.

Christmas Plaid Tiered Tray
Source: Instagram via @cabin.at.stonemtn

3. Pinecones & Berries Holiday Tray

This tray featured on blushandpineconecreative.com proves you don’t need anything extraordinary to create a beautiful display.

Pinecones, berries, and peppermints are featured on this tray.

In addition, we find splashes of common winter elements like burlap, mini stacks of firewood, reindeer, and candles.

You may already have all of the things to create a lovely display like this in your home or in your backyard!

Pinecone and Berries Tiered Tray
Source: blushandpinecreative.com

4. All Things Christmas Tiered Tray Display

Here’s another classic Christmas color palette that works like a dream.  The dominant color of this display including the tray itself is white.

But, we also see a lot of red and green sprinkled throughout.

There are so many darling accents hiding within this display that I could stare at it for an hour.

I see a snowflake hidden in the back, a gorgeous miniature gingerbread house, a candy cane striped tree, mini milk jugs, and let’s not forget the adorable red truck topping the whole thing off.

I love this!

holiday tiered tray decor
Source: livingoncloudnine9.com

5. Snowman Central Holiday Tiered Tray Decor

When the color blue is mixed in with red and green for Christmas decor, it always grabs my attention.

This holiday tiered tray decor display is so much fun.

The accents on the tray itself are minimal, just a few plush snowmen and Santa Claus figures along with a tree, mug, and some additional ceramic figurines.

What really makes this display amazing is the fact that it is flanked with all of these other decorative accents for the holiday.  The tiered-tray is the centerpiece, but the whole thing together makes for a phenomenal display.

snowman tiered tray
Source: Instagram @cookinwithgigi

6. Simplified Holiday Tray Ideas

Sometimes less really is more.  This adorable Nordic-style tray is simple and elegant.

In contrast to the example above, we see a simplified color scheme and minimal decorative elements.

This works well for a tiered tray like this that has a lot of styles all on its own.  I love the decision not to overpower the gorgeous structure of the tray with too much stuff.

A holiday display like this is perfect for an entryway, bedroom, or bathroom.

simplified holiday tray idea
Source: Instagram @thehomeemporium

7.  Magical Three Tiered Holiday Tray

This three-tiered tray is large and in charge.  The modern farmhouse vibe of the tray and the decorative accents on it is lovely.

Perhaps the thing I like most about the design is the subtle repetitiveness on each tier.  We see Christmas village houses and monogrammed mugs on each tier along with several chunky wooden stars on the lower two tiers.

This helps create a cohesive look that is anyone can achieve with a little attention to detail.

3 tiered holiday tray
Source: inspirationformoms.porch.com

8. Christmas Tiered Tray Signs

Something I discovered for the first time this year is tiered tray sets being sold on Etsy. Why didn’t anyone tell me this was a thing?

I love the concept.

Especially for anyone that may feel like they’re lacking in creativity or don’t know where to source the pieces they’d like to display.  If you’re like me and didn’t know about this.

You can essentially buy sets of gorgeous signs perfectly coordinated that are designed to decorate tiered trays.

The image below is from Etsy seller PinkLizzyDesigns.  If you like the look of this display you can actually purchase the same set of signs from her etsy shop.

The set includes the 5 wood signs and the three little wooden presents on the bottom tier for only $50.  That’s such a great deal.  You can check out the listing here.

And if you don’t have a tiered tray you can definitely use these as part of a centerpiece, a countertop display, or on a shelf.

christmas tiered tray signs
Source: Instagram @pink_lizzy_designs

9. Gingerbread Tiered Tray Decor

Here’s another gorgeous holiday tiered tray decor display that was created using a sign set from Etsy.  This one uses a gingerbread theme and is available from Etsy seller NineTwentyFourDesigns.

I really like the use of an alternative color palette like orange and white for this display.  It’s a refreshing change of pace.

You can purchase any of the signs, banners, and even the gingerbread house individually, or buy the entire set.

This would make a great gift idea.

gingerbread tiered tray decor
Source: Instagram @ninetwentyfourdesigns

10. Red and White Farmhouse Holiday Tray

This red and white farmhouse style display from buttermilkchic.com is cute.  The design is a nice mix of solid-colored elements, candy stripes, and plaid.

My favorite thing about this display is the chocolate covered marshmallows hiding on the bottom tier.  So cute!

Buttermilkchic.com is also an Etsy seller and I think some of this stuff may have been available at one time.  But, at the time I’m writing this, I see the store is temporarily closed because they’re moving shop.

Red and White Farmhouse Holiday Tray
Source: Etsy – Seller buttermilkchic

11. Black and White Christmas Tiered Tray

If you’re not a fan of red and green for Christmas, why not try out a black and white display.  This winter-themed tray is adorable.  I love the little signs and snowflakes.

And, now that I’m starting to recognize the Etsy bundles, I suspect this tray was designed from one as well.

black and white christmas tiered tray
Source: hubpages.com

12. Garland and Pinecones Display

StoneGableBlog.com is one of my favorite home decor blogs to visit.  I mentioned her site in my post “Home Decorating Blogs You Have To Visit“.

So, I wasn’t surprised when I came across this elegantly designed holiday tiered tray and saw who had created it.

If you like a refined, elegant look to your home, check out Yvonne’s home over on her blog.  You’ll find a ton of great decorating inspiration there.

The simple garland, white berries, flocked pinecones and mini string lights are beautifully arranged in this display.

holiday tiered tray decor
Source: stonegableblog.com

13. Christmas Menagerie Tiered Tray Decor

This tray has Birch Lane By Jennifer has a fantastic mix of all things Christmas.  Everything element on this tray has a unique handmade look about it.

I especially love the little lumberjack gnome and white truck.

christmas menagerie tiered tray decor
Source: Instagram @birchlandbyjennifer

14. Tiny Village Tiered Tray

If you love miniatures, you’ll love this tiered tray display.  Everything about this is just so cute.  I wish it were sitting on my counter right now.

The fairy lights woven throughout the tiers make it stand out even more.  This is one of my favorite holiday tiered tray decor displays on this list.

Tiny Village Tiered Tray
Source: Instagram @superme69

15. Tiny Tree Filled Tiered Tray

If you frequent the Dollar Tree as I do, be sure to pick up a bunch of their little pipe cleaner trees.  They’re the perfect size to decorate a tray.  Better yet, they come in so many different styles.

The display below is themed around Christmas trees and I think they hit the nail on the head with this one.  It’s great!

tree filled tiered tray
Source: Instagram @mrs_piz218

16. Gray and White Christmas Tiered Tray Decor

Another alternative to the traditional Christmas color palette is gray and white.  It gives the overall appearance of this tray a wintery vibe.

The distressed, whitewashed tray also helps to compliment that theme.

And again, we see those little pipe cleaner trees.  If you don’t have these in your Christmas arsenal, I highly recommend them.  I think they come in a pack of 3 or 5 for $1 in a variety of sizes.

I use them to decorate the floating shelves in my daughter’s room and my entryway table.

gray and white christmas tiered tray decor
source: Etsy Seller – Charming4Creations

17. Gnome Filled Christmas Tray

This gnome filled tray has a woodland feel about it that I really like.  The little trees, the reindeer, and the moss all play well together to give this design a winter woodsy feel.

tiny gnome tiered tray decor
Source: Instagram @citygirlmeetsfarmboy

18. Blue and White Holiday Tiered Tray Display

I absolutely love seeing blue and white for Christmas and winter decor.  Especially this bright, icy blue color you see in the tray below.  The frosted berries and snowflakes help to emphasize the winter theme perfectly.

If you like this winter wonderland theme the framed signs, cutout words, snowman, hat, and snowflakes are all available as a set here on Etsy.

Better yet, if you really want an out of the box decoration, you also have the option to purchase this whole thing, tray included!

blue and white holiday tiered tray display
Source: Etsy Seller – BeJuledCreations

19. Hot Chocolate Themed Holiday Tray

A red and white hot chocolate themed holiday tray is a fantastic idea.

This one below from The Pink Hutch features mugs and containers of varying sizes, along with some adorable knitted hats and stuffed reindeer.

This is such a cute display.

holiday tiered tray decor
Source: Etsy Seller – thepinkhutch

20. Cookies For Santa Holiday Tray

Cookies and milk is another classic tray idea.  This is the only tray in this list that is rectangular and not circular and I think it turned out wonderfully.

Circular tiered-trays are very popular right now, but you by no means have to have one to create an amazing display, as evidenced below.

This red and white arrangement is fabulous.  And as we’ve seen throughout this list, this tray was designed with a coordinated bundle from Etsy yet again.

So if you’ve ever wondered what the secret was to those picture-perfect trays all over Instagram and Pinterest.  This is it!

cookies for santa holiday tray
Source: Etsy Seller – baileysbranches

21. Silent Night Tiered Tray

The silent night mug that tops this holiday tiered tray says it all.  The flocked greenery and white village houses give this a lovely wintery feel.  I really like the attention to detail in this design.

I think that’s what really makes trays like these a conversation starter.  There are so many things to look at and appreciate.

Everything from the little wreaths on the hoses to the crochet doily lining the upper tier was well thought out.

It’s fabulous.

holiday tiered tray ideas
Source: Pinterest

22. Gingerbread and Elves Tiered Tray Display

Last but not least is this adorable tray filled with gingerbread men and cute little elves.  The little gingerbread trees and houses help punctuate the theme on all three tiers.  It’s really lovely.

gingerbread and elves holiday tray display
Source: Instagram @cupcakecountrygirl


That’s it for this list of 22 holiday tiered tray decor displays.  I hope you found as much decorating inspiration from these as I did.

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There's nothing more spectacular than over-the-top holiday tiered tray decor. Here are 23 of my favorite Christmas tiered tray displays. #holidaytieredtray #tieredtray #tieredtraydecor #homedecor #holidaydecor #decor #decoratingonabudget

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