The Best of Safavieh And Where To Find It

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If you’re like me, you’re no stranger to decorating within a tight budget.  Trying to stretch every dollar while still trying to beautify your home was my inspiration for starting this blog. And in your quest, you’ve probably run across the brand Safavieh.  They’re known for selling beautiful, affordable rugs and carpets.

Safavieh was founded in Iran in 1914.  It has been innovating in the carpet and rug industry ever since with luxurious Persian and Tibetan-style designs.

In 2007, Safavieh introduced the industry’s first sustainable rug. In 2013, they launched Isaac Mizrahi New York Collection Rugs.

But, rugs and furnishings were just the beginning for this growing brand.

Now, Safaavieh has now expanded its line to outdoor furniture, accessories, lighting, kitchen, bath, and kids’ room decor.

Over the years, the brand has maintained its high style yet budget-friendly selection.  This has made their products accessible to millions of people.

Who Is Safavieh?

Safavieh is the largest seller of fine furniture in the New York area, with 10 stores.

However, it’s more than a retailer of furniture and home décor products. Today, it is a design company, a manufacturer, a wholesaler, and a high-tech logistics company.

In the past three decades, Safavieh has come a long way from an artisanal family business.

Safavieh prides itself on combining high tech with high quality. It has retained a reputation as the authority on fine quality, craftsmanship, and style.

For 4 generations, the family behind Safavieh has focused on creating high-quality products for a broad range of budgets.

Moreover, it has successfully combined innovation and tradition.  Their antique reproductions, transitional designs, and fashion-forward contemporary styles have put them on the map.

Collections and Designers

Over the years, Safavieh has partnered with a ton of designers to develop new looks. These include contemporary, antique, braided, kids, farmhouse, and even Montauk that are a departure from their traditional styles.

Safavieh’s design partners include many notable names in the fashion world. 

Popular figures like Martha Stewart, Ralph Lauren, and Isaac Mizrahi have all created collections for the company.

They even have a Disney collection with Aladdin and Frozen-inspired pieces.

In addition, its stores now carry various brands to complement their offerings.

With such an impressive roster of well-respected names in the industry, it’s no wonder Safavieh remains a powerhouse after a century.

Today, their items are treated as heirlooms and collectors’ items.

Safavieh Madison Diederike Boho Medallion Distressed Rug – Safavieh Madison Diederike Boho Medallion Distressed Rug

Types of Products and Price Range

The brand is not limited to only rugs and carpets. Over the years, Safavieh has expanded its product line to stay relevant.

As it has continued to grow, they’ve added couture furniture for the living room, dining room, bedroom, office, kitchen, outdoors, and bathroom to their line, as well as storage options, lighting, and accessories.

Even with top-notch quality, Safavieh has kept its items within reach for budget shoppers.

A gorgeous Madison Diederike Boho Medallion Distressed Rug is under $400 at a 10 x 14 size.

And an ultra-chic Jacoby Cream Capiz Shell 29-inch table lamp is priced around $200 – impressive, considering it comes in sets of 2. – Safavieh Jacoby Cream Capiz Shell Table Lamp Set – Safavieh Jacoby Cream Capiz Shell Table Lamp Set

Where Can I Find Safavieh Decor?

While Safavieh his headquartered in New York, they also have showrooms and retail stores along the east coast in Manhattan, Westchester, Long Island, Connecticut, and New Jersey.

But where Safavieh really shines is their online presence in places like Overstock, Amazon, Wayfair, The Home Depot, Kohls, Target, and more.

For a complete list of online suppliers, the official site lists them here:

The Best of Safavieh

But what is the best of Safavieh?

To anyone who is familiar with the name and its presence in the industry, the first response will be rugs.

After all, it’s how the business was established over a century ago, and still has a very strong following.

Safavieh’s rug collections have something to offer for everyone, from antique, classic to contemporary designs.

However, Safavieh’s other home decor are also worth taking a look at. Their product line is full of gorgeous pieces that can elevate any room.

Their chandelier collection can provide the right accent for any room that can use a minimalist-modern or period-specific touch. Some standout chandelier designs are the Austen Cage, Dia Antler, Tempest Floral, and Sharon Chrome.

The furniture selection is small in comparison the the rugs, but they’re equally as stylish and great for adding sophisticated touches to your living space.

Here are a few pieces that caught my eye:

Freddy Winter Melody Wicker Storage Bench

A cute addition to any mudroom or nursery is this charming storage bench.  It features a pine wood frame and soft upholstery for extra seating.

The woven baskets are also great for keeping things tidy. – Safavieh Freddy Winter Melody Wicker Storage Bench – Safavieh Freddy Winter Melody Wicker Storage Bench

Melina Grey LED Table Lamps

If you’re looking for a contemporary flair, the Melina Grey LED Table Lamps feature dramatic cylinder bases and are finished in a light distressed gray color.

The texture onl these is fantastic and the white drum shades offer a chic, artistic update for your bedroom, living room, entryway, or office. – Safavieh Melina Grey LED Table Lamps – Safavieh Melina Grey LED Table Lamps

Outdoor Living Tiki Crank Umbrella

Need a quick transport to an exotic escape?  This tiki umbrella can provide shade and giv eyou the feeling of a tropical island getaway.

What an awesome way to take your backyard oasis to the next level!

Outdoor Living Tiki Crank Umbrella – Outdoor Living Tiki Crank Umbrella

Florida Shag Shahin Scroll Rug

Plush, soft textures are the perfect way to add comfort and sophistication to your space.

This versatile textured scrolling vine shag rug comes in a variety of rich colors which can dress up or dress down any room.

The high-low pile accentuates the scrolling pattern and is sure to add a lot of interest to your room.

Florida Shag Shahin Scroll Rug – Florida Shag Shahin Scroll Rug

Madison Avery Boho Chic Distressed Rug

Distressed rugs are very trendy right now and work well in any room.

The Madison Avery Boho Chic Distressed Rug from Safavieh hits this rug trend out of the park.

It showcases an erased-weave distressed patina that reveals a charming vintage design with a hint of modern floral medallions in a trellis pattern.

Safavieh Madison Avery Boho Chic Distressed Rug – Safavieh Madison Avery Boho Chic Distressed Rug

Omni Transitional Coastal Rattan Barrel Chair

Rattan isn’t just for your grandma’s furniture!

This rattan barrell chair will give you the feeling of familiarity and comfort with a modern look.

It comes with a comfortable white cushion and is finished with mango wood and pliable rattan,  perfect for unwinding and relaxation.

It’s a fantastic accent for indoor or outdoor spaces.

Safavieh Omni Transitional Coastal Rattan Barrel Chair – Safavieh Omni Transitional Coastal Rattan Barrel Chair


Thanks to their business savvy, ability to listen to their clients’ needs, designer partnerships, and provide timeless style without breaking the budget, Safavieh has stayed relevant for decades.

As it continues to embrace innovation and stay in touch with its roots, Safavieh will likely pop up in many more homes not just in the US, but all over the globe.

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