3 Reasons Why You Should Redecorate Each Season

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Redecorating your home each season may seem like a chore.  You have to gather and pack your current home decor.  Then, you have to pull out items with which to redecorate for the new season.

You may need to fix broken pieces that didn’t fare well in storage over the past year.  Or, you may even need to replace old, worn out, or dated decorations.

To me, that’s my idea of a great weekend.  But, I understand that it’s not for everyone.

There are, however, some hidden benefits you might not have considered that make redecorating worth your while.

If you’re thinking about skipping out on this seasons decorating, here are 3 reasons why you shouldn’t.

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Why Seasonal Decorations Matter

1. Redecorating Resets Your Mind

Refreshing your home base lets your mind reset and refresh.  It forces it back into the here and now.

Each year our lives seem to get busier and busier.  It’s easy to fall into the trap of always looking ahead, planning, and strategizing for the future.

Although this is important, it shouldn’t be all-consuming.  Forgetting to pause from the rat race every once in a while can have a negative impact on your home and family life.

Enjoying the here and now with your friends and the ones you love is most important.

A season change is a perfect reminder to do that.

When you redecorate your home, think of the things that make you happy.

Think of the things that bring back good memories and what you’re grateful to have.  Make sure they’re present in your home.

Put them out where you can see them as a daily reminder.  It may be a painted pumpkin decoration you made with your daughter, or a scarecrow your son made at school.

It could be the vintage Thanksgiving-themed dining set passed down to you from your mom.

Anything that brings you joy, and reminds you of the fun times to be had this time of year should surround you.  Think of all the things you love about this season and incorporate them into your home.

2. Seasonal Decor Makes a Great First Impression

Visitors to your home will notice your seasonal decor.  In fact, they’ll be more likely to remember a person with a well-appointed home that is decorated for the season.

Why?  Because acknowledging and responding to the season we’re in makes people feel unified.  It evokes a sense of community around something everyone shares and experiences.

There’s a reason why every retail store, hotel lobby, airport, and public building are always promptly redecorated as one season turns into the next.

It sparks a reuniting and comforting feeling.  It’s welcoming and you want people to feel that way when they visit your home too.

Moreover, you can tell a lot about a person who takes the time to address seemingly insignificant things like seasonal decor.

They are organized, their mind is of the here and now, they are celebratory, they pay attention to details, and they’re intent on enjoying their home to the fullest.

3. Automatic Declutter

I have no doubt you have undergone a massive decluttering project in your life.  So you know how time-consuming and emotionally draining it can be.

But, you can save yourself a lengthy ordeal by doing a little bit each season.

Each time you redecorate for the new season, take everything out and lay it on the floor.  Even the items you’re not sure you want to use.

Then, make your way through your decorating process.

When you’ve completed, take a look at the items you’ve chosen not to decorate with this year.

Is it chipped or broken?  Get rid of it

Does it clash with your new decor style? Get rid of it.

Did you not like the way it looked last year?  Get rid of it.

Don’t hold on to items thinking you’ll use them another year.  Or, for the sake of maybe repurposing them into something else next year.

As much as I love a good DIY decor project; you shouldn’t stockpile old stuff with a “someday” reasoning.  Without a definitive day in mind, such as next weekend, someday could find itself years away.

Meanwhile, stuff is piling up.

And you know what happens when stuff piles up?  Your organization systems begin to break down due to a lack of space.

Decorating becomes a hassle when you can’t find what you’re looking for and have to sift through boxes and boxes of stuff.

It’s better to let those items you’re no longer crazy about go to someone who will be happy to have them.


Let me know in the comments below if I’ve changed your attitude towards redecorating for the season.  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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