Why Are We Decorating for Christmas So Early?

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If you’re wondering when to start decorating for Christmas, the answer is you should have done it already.  Hahahaha!  Just kidding.

But, from the way the wind is blowing with decorating trends this year, a lot of folks put their decorations up the weekend after Halloween.  Yet, that’s right, the weekend after Halloween.

Decorating for Christmas
Lit LED Wire Christmas Wreath JOY – Wondershop

Now, I love scrolling through beautiful Christmas decor ideas and DIY projects on Instagram and Pinterest.  And when I say love to, I mean I do it daily.  I have hundreds of ideas swirling around in my head, day in and day out.  But today I though. Wait! This is crazy.  Why are we leapfrogging over Thanksgiving?  Aren’t there gorgeous tablescapes, bar carts, and charcuterie boards to design before we get to Christmas?

Why Are We Decorating So Early?

As an avid YouTube watcher and Instagram scroller, I began seeing Christmas DIY tutorials, hauls, and home tours in October.  Why?  The answer I heard over and over again was “because I know people will want to decorate and I want to show you what’s available before it’s all gone”.  Almost every single creator I watched put this explanation at the beginning of their videos.

Being a content creator myself, I get it.  I really do.  Things need to be planned out ahead of time and items do sell out.  But, as a person who also runs an e-commerce store, I know that content creators are big consumers.  Particularly, those in the “home” category.  They don’t get nearly the amount of free products or sponsorships as say the beauty community does.  That means, they’re constantly on the prowl for new items.

For companies, this has created an opportunity to sell more, earlier because this type of consumer now exists.  And if a small-time shop owner like myself realizes this, you can bet the Hobby Lobby and Home Goods of this world know it too.  So year after year things get put on shelves earlier.  The first to bite are the content creators and guess what, they “influence” other people to go out and purchase as well.  Or, at the very least, browse around and see what’s being offered.  And if you’re browsing in say Target, you’re leaving with bags. Guaranteed.

When to Start Decorating for Christmas

Growing up it was a tradition to pull out the Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving.  And with it came the cute little plastic candelabras that you put in the window and our cheesy set of holiday-themed window clings that we used year after year.  I’ve carried forth that tradition in my own home for years and I’ve decided that despite the enormous online peer pressure I feel to have already decorated by mid-November, I’m sticking.  Me, my leftovers, and my Hallmark movies will have a date with the Christmas tree on the 29th.

Decorating for Christmas
Holiday Stocking Black Textured with Poms – Hearth & Hand with Magnolia

And, if you’re feeling pressured to put your decorations up immediately, I implore you to push back as well.  Frankly, it’s bad enough that we have to make a special effort to resist Black Friday taking over Thanksgiving, now Christmas too!  No, ma’am.  Besides, decorating your home each season should be fun.  If the enjoyment of the process is overshadowed by an imaginary social deadline, then something is wrong.  So, relax, enjoy, and decorate when you want to, not when the internet or big business says you should.

Benefits of Decorating for Christmas Late

The upside to decorating for Christmas later than the crowd is, of course, the deals.  Being the first horse out of the gate and into Home Goods, Target, or Hobby Lobby only means you’ll be the one to pay the premium price tag.  Don’t let the fear of missing out on the good stuff leave your wallet empty.  Especially not 2 months before Christmas when you know expenses during November and December will already by high.

By the 3rd week in November prices will start being slashed.  Hobby Lobby already has Christmas trees at 50% off as I’m writing this.  Also, Joann Fabric has their holiday florals, holiday wall decor, and textiles at 60% off this week.

Another benefit of decorating for Christmas later is that it helps you avoid holiday burn out.  Hopping from one major event to the next is exhausting.  Especially, if you like to go all out with your decorations.  Frankly, by the time New Year’s Day arrives each year, I need a vacation.  Taking a little breather in between Halloween, the Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday extravaganza, Christmas, and New Years just makes good sense.

So, in conclusion. If you’re feeling peer pressure whether it be real or imagined around getting your Christmas decorations in place, don’t.  Just let it go.  This is the time to be merry and thankful and celebrate the passing of another year.  Fill your days only with what brings you joy and let the rest of it go.  Happy Holidays!

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Why Are We Decorating For Christmas So Early?

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