Why Mesh is Your Best Bet for Kitchen Storage Containers

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It’s no secret kitchen storage containers and accessories come in all shapes and sizes.  If you’ve ever taken a trip to The Container Store you’ll know that choosing from so many options can be mind-boggling.

However, there is one type of kitchen storage container that is better than the rest; and that’s mesh.

Here’s why…

Kitchen Storage Container Basics

The best kitchen storage containers will help you do three things very easily; identify, contain, and access.

Now, I love my label maker as much as the next gal, but labels on a solid basket or bins can never compete with the ability to see the contents of a container from across the room.

Certainly, clear plastic bins and buckets are an option, but they will not give you the versatility of a wire mesh basket.  And for this reason, they edge out the competition.

Mesh Storage Container Versatility

Although we’re talking specifically about kitchen storage in this post, let me elaborate on versatility for just a moment.  When purchasing any type of decorative storage item I always look for use beyond the intended.

For example, I can reuse a mesh basket and place it by my front door as entryway decor to store shoes or umbrellas (something I wouldn’t use a clear bin to do).

A basket could be placed in the living room to hold blankets or used in a bathroom to store items.

The ability to recycle or just buy more mesh baskets to use throughout my home helps me create a theme and a cohesive design throughout my home.  This is what makes them a prime storage container option.

But, back to the kitchen.

Kitchen accessories such as napkin holders, paper towel holders, utensil organizers, dish racks, and storage bins can all be found in a wire mesh style.

They’re easy to coordinate and you can always find a silver or stainless steel finish.

This makes it easy to mix and match from different brands and create a storage system that works just for you.  Better yet, you’ll be able to match the accessories you use to decorate your kitchen with your storage containers.

Kitchen Containers

Best Buys for Mesh Kitchen Storage Containers and Accessories

Here are a few great buys if you’re in the market for kitchen storage containers and accessories.

1 – Medium Metal Bin – Made By Design – A set of these metal mesh bins is a great way to store your pantry items. mesh basket

2 – Vintage Dish Rack – This farmhouse style dish rack is a great way to transport your dishes to the table.  The two handles make this the perfect caddy for dining outdoors.kitchen storage container

3 – Star Home Birds and Branches Tools Caddy – Another great option for moving your kitchen essentials from one dining space to another is with this cute mesh kitchen utensils caddy.kitchen storage containers

4 – Storage Basket With Sliding Drawer and Mesh Top – Sliding drawer baskets are great for under the sink or on a pantry shelf.  They can be used to store snack bags, cans, or spice packets.

kitchen storage container

5 – Wire Basket With Copper Handle and Mesh Bottom Pewter – Threshold – If you’re looking for a little variation from the traditional diamond-shaped mesh, this wire basket with a mesh bottom is gorgeous.  The sides provide great visibility while the closely woven mesh bottom helps hold your contents. wire mesh basket

6 – Silver Mesh 3-Tier Wire Basket Stand – If you’re out of shelf space in your pantry, or don’t have a pantry, consider a standing storage solution like this 3-tier wire mesh basket stand.kitchen storage containers

7 – Threshold Wire Mesh Crate – Milk crate style mesh baskets are a great size for pantry organization.  They’ll hold snacks, vegetables, boxed, and canned foods easily.

kitchen storage containers

Mesh Crate


I hope you found this post helpful.  If you have any kitchen storage containers that you love, please comment below.  For more content follow Dianne Decor on Bloglovin’.

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