17 Hostess Gift Ideas That Will Make Them Smile

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Bringing along a token of your gratitude to a dinner party is always a good idea.  Hostess gift ideas can be personal items, household items, or even gift cards.

No matter which route you take, the thought will be appreciated.  Your hostess has likely been planning out your evening for days and put a lot of effort into making sure you have a wonderful time in their home.

Here are 17 hostess gift ideas to show your appreciation and make your friend smile.

17 Hostess Gift Ideas

1. Sandalwood-Citrus Zum Bar Goat’s Milk Soap

Prior to your arrival, your hostess probably set out her best soaps and lotions for you to use.  Help them replenish their supply by offering a fancy Zum Bar soap as a gift.

They’re made from goat’s milk which is said to help nourish, moisturize, and help maintain a healthy skin barrier due to its high fatty acid content.

Sandalwood-Citrus Zum Bar Goat's Milk Soap
Source: IndigoWild.com

2. Personalized Cheese Board

If you have time to plan in advance, a personalized gift will really make your recipient smile.  The fact that you took the time to make this gift one of a kind makes it extra special.

That being said, make sure you leave enough time for delivery since gifts like this cheeseboard require a bit of lead time.

Personalized Cheese Board
Source: Etsy.com – PersonalizedMomento

3. Natural Personal Space Freshener

This “personal space freshener” is a cool idea.  It’s essentially a modernized version of a drawer sachet.  These are beautiful to look at and would be great hanging in a closet or small bathroom.

Natural personal space freshener
Source: Etsy.com – The NorthBeeShop

4. Wine Glass Charms – Set of 12 Glass Wine Charms

Wine glass charms are always fun to see at a party.  This is a generous set of 12 charms that are perfect for a girls wine night.  Your hostess is sure to appreciate these and they’re an affordable gift under $15.

Hostess Gift Ideas - Wine Glass Charms - Set of 12 Glass Wine Charms
Source: Etsy.com – pokayoka

5. Flour Sack Towels Hostess Gift

How cute are these flour sack towels?  I love them all.  This is a really unique gift that your hostess has likely never seen before.  They come in 20 different styles so you’re sure to find one to suit their personality just right.

Flour Sack Towels Hostess Gift
Etsy.com – ShowerThemWithGifts1

6. Artisan Bud Vase

Here’s a cute decor item that would make an awesome hostess gift.  This petite Artisan Bud Vase is just the right size for a kitchen countertop or window sill.

The “You Make The World A Better Place” sentiment is so nice.  A gift like this is guaranteed to put a smile on your host’s face.

Hostess Gift Ideas - Artisan Bud Vase
Source: naturallife.com

7. Trinket Bowl

This pretty little butterfly-shaped trinket box is one of those hostess gift ideas you might not think of.  While many rely on home entertaining gifts, a personal gift like this is certainly appropriate as well.

Butterfly Trinket Bowl
Source: Naturallife.com

8. Tea Drop Sampler

Whether your hostess is a tea lover or not, a gift like this is fantastic to have in your home entertaining arsenal.  Moreover, this is a really unique way to serve a cup of tea.  It’s sure to prompt a lot of oooh and ahhhs.

The little tea drops are shaped like hearts, squares, and flowers.  No teabags or strainers needed.  They melt away with boiling water and transform into the perfect cup of tea.

Very cool.  This reminds me of those hot chocolate bombs that are so popular right now.  Those would also be an awesome hostess gift.

Hostess Gift Ideas - Tea Drop Sampler
Source: UncommonGoods.com

9. Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses- Set of 4

If you’re looking for hostess gift ideas related to wine and spirits, these Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses are cool.  These shot glasses are actually made from salt and claim to give your tequila a salty finish.

The sales page mentions that if liquids are left standing in these glasses they will slowly erode over time.  So, I imagine they’re reusable for a time, but you may eventually see a wearing away of the glasses.

This is probably why they’re so thick.

These shot glasses are a really unique gift to give your hostess.

Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses- Set of 4
Source: UncommonGoods.com

10. Gourmet Oil Dipping Spice Kit

This is one of my favorite hostess gift ideas.  The kit includes 15 different herbs and spices intended to be mixed in oil that you use to dip bread as an appetizer.

Also included on the inside lid of the container are 5 recipes that you can easily follow.  This will make your hostess look like a true pro.

Hostess Gift Ideas - Gourmet Oil Dipping Spice Kit
Source: UncommonGoods.com

11. Henriette Teaspoons, Set of 4

These Henriette teaspoons from Anthropologie are lovely.  They’re a refreshing change of pace for the standard solid teaspoons we’re used to seeing.  They also offer this style in platters, mugs, bowls, and plates.

Pretty flatware like this is perfect for a ladies brunch or tea with mom.

Henriette Teaspoons, Set of 4
Source: Anthropologie.com

12. Wolfum Floral Backgammon Game

I don’t know how to play Backgammon, but this board sure is beautiful.  If you know your hostess enjoys this game, it would be a really nice gift.

Game related gifts, whether they’re board games or card games are great icebreakers.  They make an especially good choice if you don’t know your hostess very well and have been invited over for the first time.

I remember one occasion where my husband’s friend and his wife stayed with us for a few days after we’d moved out of state.  I’d actually never met his friend’s wife before and during their stay, she taught me how to play spades.

It was something we bonded over and worked wonderfully to break the ice.

Hostess Gift Ideas - Wolfum Floral Backgammon Game
Source: Anthropologie.com

13. Love Is Served

Sometimes healthy cookbooks or diet based books like Keto meals or Atkins desserts can send the wrong message.  They may be perceived as you disapproving of your host’s eating habits.

This book, however, while it focuses on plant-based recipes does not scream vegan or vegetarian.  Instead, it offers interesting health-conscious recipes that are good to have on hand as a hostess.

You never know who you’ll need to entertain and gone are the days of simply offering someone who doesn’t eat meat sides only.

In my opinion, any gathering you throw should have a variety of options that would suit different lifestyles.

Having books like this on hand only makes a good hostess even better.

Source: Anthropologie.com

14. Vahdam Teas Chai Tea Trio, Gift Set, 3 Teas 75 Servings Oprah’s Favorite Things

This tea gift set landed itself on the list of Oprah’s Favorite Things.  Vahdam Tea offers a wide variety of teas and set quantities which makes this a flexible gift idea if you’re on a budget.

On the Macy’s website, I see singles tins, 2 tea sets, 3 tea sets, and 6 tea sets available.

Individual teas are $19 and the 6 tea sets are $59.  The Chai Tea Trio below is $34.99.

Chai Tea Trio, Gift Set, 3 Teas 75 Servings Oprah's Favorite Things
Source: Macys.com

15. Natural White Agate Crystal Coasters with Silver Glided Edge

I love beautiful coasters.  These Natural White Agate Crystal Coasters are so nice.  They’re one of those universally appealing hostess gift ideas.  You really can’t go wrong with something like this.  They can be used as coasters or displayed on a shelf or tabletop.

Source: Etsy.com – JewelsByHouseOfAria

16. Personalised Love Heart Tree Papercut

Here’s another lovely personalized gift idea.  It’s a laser-cut paper scene suspended in a floating frame.  There are a few different styles to choose from and can be personalized with your family’s names and cute silhouette depictions.

In addition, you can choose your paper color, paper size, and select a framed or unframed option.

Personally, I would opt for the unframed version and just frame it myself.  I find the framed option to be a bit pricey at $146 as opposed to the unframed version being offered at around $56.

That being said, it’s a gorgeous and incredibly thoughtful gift idea.

Hostess Gift Ideas - Personalised Love Heart Tree Papercut
Source: Etsy.com – portlandco

17. Minimalist Zero-waste Gift Box

Last but not least is a household item that would make a great hostess gift.  It’s a zero-waste laundry set that includes wool dryer balls, essential oil to add to the balls, and a laundry spray.

This is a cool laundry system that many people wouldn’t think to buy for themselves.  As a gift, I would love this.

Source: Etsy.com – OlsenolsenDesign


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