Should I Use Floral Wallpaper or Floral Decals?

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Floral wall accents are very popular right now.  The two most popular applications are floral wallpaper and floral decals.  But, which one is right for you?  When should you use a decal vs wallpaper?

In this post, we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of each.

When choosing between the two there are a few considerations that should be made.

Is this a short term or temporary application?  How large is the area being decorated?  What size are the floral blooms?  What is the cost?

Short Term vs. Long Term Applications

Decals or wall stickers are the best options for a short term application.  Those being, a nursery, a dorm room, or an apartment or short term rental home.  Each of these conditions will inevitably change as you grow.

Nurseries will quickly transform into toddler rooms, dorm rooms may change from semester to semester, apartments and rental homes have a longer shelf life, but will likely change within 5 years as well.

The effort and cost associated with installing wallpaper may not be worth it for these short term applications.

Therefore, a permanent home or long term rental is better suited for traditional wallpaper.

floral decal
RoomMates Lisa Audit Garden Flowers Peel & Stick Giant Wall Decals

Decorating Area

How small or large is the area you wish to decorate?  Is it a full dining room or bedroom, or is it an accent wall?

Although wall decals are generally less expensive, they are not always intended to cover entire walls or rooms.  They’re better for accenting portions of a surface.

Mural walls are very popular right now and work well for a room accent.  More often than not, they are created using wall decal stickers.

That being said, if you intend to wallpaper an entire room or a very large wall, go with wallpaper.  Even if your room is a small bathroom or small living room; go for wallpaper if you’re decorating multiple walls.

If you’re working with an area around a crib or the corner of a room, then a sticker decal application is your best bet.

floral wallpaper
Chloe Wallpaper –

Floral Wallpaper Bloom Size

If you already have a style or particular product in mind, take the time to consider the bloom size in relation to the application area.  Generally speaking, if you are covering multiple walls in a room, go for a smaller pattern or flowers with a smaller bloom.

If you’re accenting a single wall or portion of a wall, it’s okay to go for an oversized look.  Just be wary of using a super large floral throughout an entire room.

It will be too much activity and you’ll lose your focal point which is important for room design and flow.  Not to mention, you’ll likely feel like the walls are closing in on you.

floral wallpaper
Source: Pinterest

Do you have any suggestions for choosing either wallpaper or decals?  Please leave them in the comments below.

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