16 Kid-Friendly, Unbreakable Coffee Table Decor Ideas

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It’s hard to strike a balance between a chic, sophisticated home and a place where young kids can be, well… kids. These two things can feel like they’re at the polar ends of a spectrum. But, never fear, I’ve some awesome kid-friendly unbreakable coffee table decor finds that will work for everyone.

Kid-Friendly Coffee Table Decorating

Let’s face it, kids are unpredictable. The things mine have gotten into around the house amazes me.

Anything within reach is a target. And unfortunately, my coffee table decor and end table styling take a big hit.

They’ve drawn on and broken coasters.

My son loves to pull moss and rocks out of planters and vases. My daughter can’t stop pulling at flower petals (real and fake).

And, both of them have drawn in my favorite coffee table books at one time or another.

If you’re like me, any one of these is enough to cause a mini-heart attack, especially if you’ve been decorating on a tight budget.

But, as they, you live and you learn. And here’s what I’ve learned…

1. Choose Your Materials Wisely

Believe it or not, making your decor kid-friendly is easier than you might think. There are lots of durable materials that are safe choices with children around.

Things like paper pulp pots, wood, cork, epoxy, and other plastics should be at the top of your list if you have little ones running around.


Paper pulp pots are often made of environmentally friendly biodegradable materials and can withstand many falls.


Plastic is of course a no-brainer. Just steer clear of plastics that are imitating other materials. Like faux weathering to make them appear like rustic clay pots.

I wrote all about this in my post How To Spot Cheap Home Decor.

Coffee table decor is up close and personal, so if you really want to go “faux” make sure it looks good. Otherwise, your styling can just end up looking cheap.


Anything made out of wood will last a long time with proper care. It also brings with it warmth and texture.

Both of which are great additions to a living room or family room where you’ll likely have your coffee table decor.

Grasses & Plant Material

Dried Grasses whether displayed in a pot like pampas grass or used to weave baskets like seagrass are great kid-friendly unbreakable coffee table decor options.

2. Avoid Open Flames, Water Features, Jar Filler, and Tray Filler

Candles, tabletop fire bowls and fire pits, and tabletop water fountains are no good around kids. They’re an attractive nuisance that always leads to trouble.

Jar filler and tray filler should be used with caution as well. While I love to explore new jar filler ideas, it’s brought me nothing but frustration when it comes to little hands always wanting to explore.

Decorative rocks, sand, or any other small item should be swapped out for larger decorative pieces like decorative links or large wood bead garlands.

3. Approach Stacked & Layered Styling With Caution

While you may love the look of artfully arranged stacks of decor on a coffee table, it’s not a great idea around kids.

When you style things like this in a high-traffic area like the living room, you will find yourself having to constantly reset your vignette.

Whether it’s the kids or your need for some extra space that prompts you to scoot things around, it is inevitable that your coffee table decor will get moved around often.

Instead, consider grouping things on trays that can be easily picked up and moved together as one piece.

16 Ideas for Kid-Friendly Coffee Table Decor

1. Tic Tac Toe for Kids and Adults Coffee Table Living Room Decor and Desk Decor Family Games

This mini wooden tic-tac-toe game is the perfect example of kid-friendly unbreakable coffee table decor.

The chunky wood blocks will add a natural element to your display.

Moreover, this little game is a great ice-breaker and conversation starter for new guests who may be visiting. 

2. Set of 3 Mini Potted Artificial Eucalyptus Plants Faux Rosemary Plant Assortment with Wood Planter Box 

For worry-free greenery, these mini plants are child-proof and stylish.

The wood tray and paper mache pots can withstand rough play and fall to the ground easily.

If you really want to get the most out of these, consider splitting them up and displaying one in a home office, bookcase, mantel, or even dining table.

3. 2 Piece Potted Plants by the Bloom Times

They may be small, but they sure are cute. 

This set of potted plants is the perfect addition to your kitchen, breakfast nook, living room, bedroom, study, bookcase, and of course, your coffee table. 

The minimalist look suits many interior decorating styles.

Not only is this pair sturdy, but they are also maintenance-free and will look fresh all year long. 

This makes them a fantastic kid-friendly decor piece.

4. Stonebriar Rustic Natural Wood Tray

Grouping your decorative accessories together on a tray is the way to go.

Sometimes kid-friendly decor isn’t just about preventing things from being broken.

Rather it’s about making a space usable and accessible for everyone.

Kids love to color and build and be near mom and dad while they’re doing it. This makes the living room coffee table a prime space for play. At least it is in my house.

So, having items grouped together on a tray makes it easy to pick up and move to free up the table for other kid-friendly activities from time to time.

This Stonebriar Rustic Natural Wood Tray is the perfect size at almost 12″ in diameter.

The rustic chic look is very popular right now and this piece fits right into that style.

5. Wood Chain Link Decor and Beaded Garland Set by White Oak Village 

This hand-carved wood chain look is everywhere right now.

It instantly elevates your coffee table styling with its whitewashed treatment.

Paired with your favorite coffee table books, flameless candles, and small potted plants. 

6. Flameless Candles Flickering Battery Operated Candles Pack of 3

You can enjoy the romantic ambiance of flickering candles without the hazard that comes with real open flames around kids. 

Covered with an unbreakable imitation glass shell, you can be assured that it is also child-proof and definitely child-safe.

You don’t have to worry about broken glass scattering around young children and pets.

These candles are both beautiful and safe.

This set also comes with its own remote control and 24-hour timer.

7. IYARA CRAFT Tealight Candle Holders with Candle Tray Set of 3 

Featuring a matte wood finish with a tasteful, elephant print, these Iyara Craft Tealight Candle Holders are a perfect accent to make your living room feel cozy.

Complete this look with some battery-operated tealights to make this kid-friendly and safe.

8. Coconut Shell Wood Candle Holders (Set of 3) with Coconut Scented Tealight Candles

Here’s one of my favorite items on this list.

Bring the boho vibes to your home with these charming coconut candle holders. 

Complete your tablescapes with 100% sustainable wood coconut holders with 3 varying designs.

With this set, you’ll receive handmade pieces of art made by Vietnamese artisans.

Varnished with organic coconut oil, you can enjoy 3 coconut-scented tealights to transport you to a beachside escape. 

These can also be a gift for that person who has everything.

9. Wooden Cedar Coasters Set by Avocrafts 

If you are in the market for conversation-starting coasters, these are for you. 

Made of cedar wood and epoxy, each coaster is handcrafted.

You can now say goodbye to boring coasters and use these for both hot and cold drinks. 

Best of all, organization and storage are a cinch, with a matching epoxy resin wood holder available.

10. Absorbent Cork Coasters with Holder 

These mandala-inspired coasters are another great kid-friendly unbreakable coffee table decor option.

They are highly absorbent and lightweight to keep your tabletop protected.

They are sized perfectly for any mug or wine glass and can be used on both hot and cold drinks.

And with kids running around you can be confident that no breakage can happen with these gorgeous and natural coasters.

11. Creative Co-Op DF2440 Ridged Mango Wood Footed Bowl

I absolutely love this bowl! The size and the texture make it the perfect kid-friendly coffee table decor piece.

You could use this in lieu of a tray and display a few objects within it. Or, you could fill it with some greenery or flowers.


12. Ikea Seagrass Box with Lid, Set of 3 

Decorative boxes are always a great choice for coffee tables. Unfortunately, they tend to be delicate and can easily be broken if knocked off the tabletop.

These Seagrass boxes are a great alternative. They have a beautiful, intricate woven design and come in a set of 3 with lids.

13. Set of 2 Gold Geometric Metal Tealight Candle Holders by HÖKI+

Modern and elegant in gold, these Geometric Metal Tealight Candle Holders are lovely. 

If you like a touch of glam in your displays, these will work well for you.

You can be sure they won’t break easily and paired with some flameless tealights, they’ll help set a romantic mood.

14. JHY DESIGN Metal Cage LED Lantern by JHY DESIGN 

If you want to set the mood with cordless lighting, this is the lantern that you need.

With no cords or open flames to worry about, you can be confident that it’s safe around children.

This caged lantern creates an alluring, rustic charm for both indoor and outdoor use.

Just remember to select the right style under the listing. They offer two different styles. There is one with a rope handle and fairy lights and another open-style lantern with a large lightbulb. 

15. Artificial Green Grass Plants in Decorative Black Wood Rectangular Planter Pot by MyGift Store 

If you’re looking for greenery that is styled a bit differently than the traditional potted plants, check this out.

It’s a black wood rectangular planter pot that adds a refreshing touch to any coffee table.

16. Wavy Live Edge Wooden Bowls for Decor with Wood Beads Garland

If you love that organic modern style, this live edge wood bowl is perfect for you.

It’s going to be super durable and is a great alternative to the traditional coffee table tray.

It even comes with a wood bead garland to give you a head start on styling.


Even if you have pets and children in your home, this should not stop you from creating a peaceful and relaxing oasis in your living spaces.

Kid-friendly accessories are available and hopefully, this post helped you know what to look for as you begin styling your space.

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