17 Hostess Gift Ideas That Will Make Them Smile

hostess gift ideas

Bringing along a token of your gratitude to a dinner party is always a good idea.  Hostess gift ideas can be personal items, household items, or even gift cards. No matter which route you take, the thought will be appreciated.  Your hostess has likely been planning out your evening for days and put a lot … Read more

21 Home Decor Gifts That Are Just Right

home decor gifts

Home decor gifts are hard to get right.  There are so many decorative styles and types of home accents to choose from that it can make gift-giving difficult.

Moreover, much like jewelry, pinpointing someone’s taste just right is tricky.  Decorative home accents are also items that you expect to have for a long time, so choosing well is important.

Ideally, you want to choose something that can be used in any room in a home and has a universal appeal to it.  Try to steer clear of polarizing colors and patterns.  Instead, aim for items that are neutral in tone or have just a few splashes of color.

If you’re looking for a few options for the home decor lover in your life, here are 21 home decor gifts that are just right.

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Gorgeous and Giftable: Serving Sets Under $50

serving sets under 50

Are you looking for a beautiful, yet practical gift idea for someone who loves to entertain?  Serving sets are the way to go.

As someone who hosts a number of gathering with family and friends each year, I’m always in need of large bowls, platters, and other serving pieces.

Unless you’ve registered for items like this at your wedding (wish I had), you’ll need to piece your collection together on your own.

After years of serving food out of those big aluminum disposable trays, I became determined to acquire some real serveware.

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