21 Home Decor Gifts That Are Just Right

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Home decor gifts are hard to get right.  There are so many decorative styles and types of home accents to choose from that it can make gift-giving difficult.

Moreover, much like jewelry, pinpointing someone’s taste just right is tricky.  Decorative home accents are also items that you expect to have for a long time, so choosing well is important.

Ideally, you want to choose something that can be used in any room in a home and has a universal appeal to it.  Try to steer clear of polarizing colors and patterns.  Instead, aim for items that are neutral in tone or have just a few splashes of color.

If you’re looking for a few options for the home decor lover in your life, here are 21 home decor gifts that are just right.

21 Home Decor Gifts

1. Holiday Christmas Trees Lumbar Throw Pillow with Tassels – Opalhouse™

Holiday-themed gifts are always a good way to go.  On the surface, you may think that giving a Christmas-themed item for Christmas is too late.  The recipient won’t have time to enjoy it.

But, it’s actually a great thing to give.  Not only will they have a renewed interest in it next year when it’s unearthed from their boxes of holiday decor, but they don’t have to commit to working it into their decor all year round.

Most people are much more likely to appreciate a quirky tchotchke when they only have to look at it for a month or two.

This Christmas tree pillow below is a great example of that.  It’s fun and unique and a great option for a home decor gift.  The textures and splashes of color are just the things to liven up a sitting area during the holidays.

Holiday Christmas Trees Lumbar Throw Pillow with Tassels - Opalhouse™
Source: Target.com

2. Leaf Wall Decor Light Gold – Opalhouse™

This gold leaf is a fantastic home decor gift idea.  It’s a great size and can be placed just about anywhere.  It can stand alone in a small nook, or amongst other items on a gallery wall.

Plants in general are appropriate in any interior space regardless of your home decor style.  And, this sculptural interpretation of greenery (while not green or real) shares the same applicability.

Whether you’re into boho decor, eclectic, shabby chic, and modern, this decorative accent would fit right in.

Leaf Wall Decor Light Gold - Opalhouse™
Source: Target.com

3. Bicycle Bookends – Threshold™

Bookends are something everyone can use.  This cute bicycle bookend set is a great idea if you’re having a hard time coming up with a gift.  It’s functional, practical, and guaranteed to make your recipient smile at the sight of it.

The only exception to this that I can see is if your intended recipient is into glitz and glam.  If that’s the case, this might not be the best thing on this list to choose for them as it has more of an earthy, rustic vibe.

home decor gifts - Bicycle Bookends - Threshold™
source: Target.com

4. Priya Brass Lanterns

These lanterns, on the other hand, would be perfect for someone who has a lot of glam decor in their home.  They’re sleek and have a nice satin brass finish which is very on-trend right now.

You can find these on crateandbarrel.com.  The smallest lantern is $20, the medium size lantern is $50, and the large is $70.

source: CreateandBarrel.com

5. White And Gold Woven Wall Hanging

Much like the gold leaf wall decor in number 2 above, this woven wall hanging is a great size and can be used alone or amongst other wall art.  The textural elements on this piece will help bring character to any space.

It’s perfect to hang over a nightstand, side table, or even on a door as a wreath alternative.

Source: worldmarket.com

6. Arctic Glow Cloche

A cloche is something we see used for decor as well as for food display, particularly desserts.  It’s a fantastic gift to give, as many people might not think to buy one for themselves.

This one from Anthropologie with gold fern detailing is just lovely.  It can be used as a part of your winter decor or used all year round.

home decor gift ideas - Arctic Glow Cloche
Source: anthropologie.com

7. White Lotus Capiz Tealight Candleholder

You can’t go wrong with a pretty candleholder.  Unless of course, your recipient isn’t a fan of candles.  However, with a candle holder like this that look like a sculptural accent even without a candle, you can’t go wrong.

This is the White Lotus Capiz Tealight Candleholder and it’s only $7.99 at World Market.  For that price, you could pick up 2 or 3 for less than $25.

It’s an affordable gift that I think any home decor lover would be happy to receive.

White Lotus Capiz Tealight Candleholder
Source: worldmarket.com

8. Fonthill Wood Ottoman Tray

This wood ottoman tray from Fonthill is a great home decor gift for anyone that’s a fan of modern farmhouse, modern industrial, or any type of rustic decor.

The distressed wood is cut into a unique shape that really makes this piece stand out.  I particularly love the way the metal handles mimic the outer edge of the tray.  It’s a very nice detail.

home decor gift idea
Source: Wayfair.com

9. Goufes Textured Knitted Super Soft Blanket

A nice soft blanket is a fantastic home decor gift.  They can be draped over chairs, sofas, and beds.  Also, blankets are something people tend not to splurge on for themselves.  So getting someone a high-quality woven blanket is a nice gesture.

This one from Goufes is lovely.  It has a pretty texture to it, tassels, comes in a ton of different colors, and has stellar reviews on Wayfair.

Source: Wayfair.com

10. Holguin 10.63″ Black Table Lamp

If you have a modern industrial decor lover in your life then they’ll probably appreciate this Edison bulb style lamp.  It’s really pretty and the extra outer dome makes it stand out from other similar lamps.

It has fantastic reviews and is currently on sale for only $31.99 at Wayfair.

Holguin 10.63" Black Table Lamp
Source: Wayfair.com

11. George & Viv Gather Together Dish Towel

Here’s another holiday-themed home decor gift that will put a smile on your face.  This kitchen towel features an adorable hand-drawn pattern filled with everything Christmas.

There are wreaths, sprigs, candy, poinsettias, and holly berries floating throughout the design.  The colors are traditional, yet muted and paired with a solid white or red towel, I think this would look amazing in any kitchen.

home decor gifts - George & Viv Gather Together Dish Towel
Source: anthropologie.com

12. Jiggy for Anthropologie Puzzle and Glue Set

These puzzles from Anthropologie are also really cool.  They are puzzle and glue sets, so the recipient is intended to use the glue to permanently assemble so that it can be displayed as wall art.

I think this is a really cool idea.  They come in two different sizes and you could pair this gift with a nice frame that would allow your recipient to have everything they need to hang their DIY work of art.

Jiggy for Anthropologie Puzzle and Glue Set
Source: Anthropologie.com

13. Oscar White Jewelry Boxes – Set of 2

Little boxes like these Oscar White Jewelry Boxes are a great filler accent.  They can be used to add height to a tabletop display or to decorate a shelf.

Of course, you can also use these as jewelry boxes to house earrings, bracelets, and the like.  These are a great gift idea under $50 and are available on Overstock.com.

Oscar White Jewelry Boxes - Set of 2
Source: Overstock.com

14. Homebody: A Guide to Creating Spaces You Never Want to Leave by Joanna Gaines

I love a good coffee table book.  The book Homebody by Joanna Gaines is the perfect gift for the Fixer Upper lover in your life.  Not only is it beautiful to look at, but it’s sure to offer some great decorating inspiration.

It’s also a great pick if you’re looking for something under $25.

home decor gifts - Homebody: A Guide to Creating Spaces You Never Want to Leave by Joanna Gaines
Source: Target.com

15. Beautifully Organized: A Guide to Function and Style in Your Home

Another book you won’t be disappointed by is Beautifully Organized by Nikki Boyd.  This is one of my personal favorites.  The imagery throughout the book is so incredibly beautiful and it’s filled with so much good information.

I highly recommend this as a gift for any home decor lover in your life.

home decor gifts - Beautifully Organized : A Guide to Function and Style in Your Home
Source: Walmart.com

16. nuLOOM Estate Monogrammed Welcome Door Mat

If you’re buying a gift for a new homeowner consider this monogrammed welcome mat.  Not only is a doormat practical and functional, but it’s also one of the ways we greet our guests.

There are lots of different doormat styles, however, the simple monogrammed mat with a decorative trim is a classic.  As far as home decor gifts go, you can’t go wrong with a personalized mat like this.

nuLOOM Estate Monogrammed Welcome Door Mat
Source: Overstock.com


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  Potted plants go with any decor.  These pretty pots (plants not included) are available at Bloomist.  If you’ve never visited their site before, check it out.

There’s a great array of plant-related and nature-inspired decor, including vases, pots, throw blankets, and other decorative accents made from natural material.  Included in this selection, of course, are these pots that are available in 3 different sizes.

They’re made of terra cotta so they can be used indoors or out and have built-in drainage holes.

Source: bloomist.com

18. Hammond Candlelight, Taper Holder, Polished Brass

There’s no better way to set the mood for a special dinner than with tapered candles and a set of beautiful candlesticks.  The Hammond Candlelight Taper Holders from West Elm are stunning.

They’re sold individually or you can buy this set of 3 varying height candlesticks for around $60.

home decor gifts - Hammond Candlelight, Taper Holder, Polished Brass
Source: westelm.com

19. Thumbprint Photo Box

Personalized gifts are always special.  They let someone know that you took a little extra time with selecting their present and it will be unique to them.  This photo box gift is perfect for a home decor lover.

With this item, you have two options from which to choose.  The first option is to get 50 unmounted prints, the photo box, and 4 easels.

The second option (recommended) is 10 prints mounted on mat board like in the image below, plus the photo box and 4 easels for $10 more.

I definitely think the mounted photos are the better option.  You won’t have to worry about them looking floppy in the easel or warping in the heat.  Moreover, who has 50 photos of someone else to have printed as a gift?

I’m not even sure that I could come up with 50 photos of my own kids to give this as a gift to my mom.  So I’d definitely recommend forking over the extra $10 and getting 10 mounted prints instead.

Best of all, this makes for an awesome display that you can change out easily.  I’m thinking of buying this for myself and printing seasonal photos of the family so that I can switch out the display a few times each year.

When it comes to home decor gifts, this is one of the most creative ideas I’ve seen in a long time.

home decor gift ideas - Thumbprint Photo Box
Source: mpix.com

20. Infinity Photo Display Picture Frame

A stylish and unique picture frame is always a safe bet when it comes to giving gifts to home decor lovers.  Everyone has photos and everyone is looking for ways to display their photos around their home.

Gallery walls are all the rage right now, but a beautiful freestanding photo display like this will always be appreciated.  It can be used to decorate shelves, vanities, bathroom countertops, dressers, or any other tabletop surface.

These picture frames are available from Wayfair.com for less than $30 and come in two sizes and three different finish options.

Infinity Photo Display Picture Frame
source: Wayfair.com

21. Custom Map Coaster Set

Another one of the most creative home decor gifts I’ve seen this year is this Custom Map Coaster Set.

While we’re used to seeing coasters like this with famous places like New York or Paris, this set is totally customizable in terms of location.  You can zoom right into your neighborhood and have it printed on coasters.  How cool is that!

Even better, you can put a star on your address and add a note about that location like “OUR NEW HOUSE”.

Isn’t that awesome?

This Custom Map Coaster Set is available on UncommonGoods.com and would be an amazing gift for a new homeowner as well.

Source: Uncommongoods.com


Thanks for reading.  I hope you found a great gift for the home decor lover in your life from this list.

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There are so many types and styles of home decor to choose from that it can be overwhelming. Here are 21 home decor gifts that are just right.
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