What’s Opalhouse From Target All About?

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Have you seen what Target has to offer with its new Opalhouse brand?  If not, you’re missing out.  This line is a mash-up of exquisite color and texture.

The pieces have a handcrafted feel that will make it look like you’ve carefully curated your decor.  Best of all, the prices are really great.

Here’s everything you need to know about Opalhouse from Target.

About Opalhouse

The Opalhouse brand was announced in Feb. 2018 and launched in the spring of 2018.  Most of the items are under $30 which makes their pieces incredibly affordable.

With over 1300 different items in the line, you’re sure to find something you love.

Decor accents such as vases, planters, candle holders and more are available.  Furniture, bedding, draperies, dining sets, and outdoor/patio decor are all represented in the collection as well.

Opalhouse Signature Style

The signature style of this brand is rich jewel-toned colors and textures.  Even the tone-on-tone neutral pieces are adorned with some type of textured element.

Pom poms, fringe, and beading are frequently seen throughout the line.

While there is a distinctive bohemian vibe to the accents, you’ll find that the silhouettes of many of the items would work well with a variety of decor styles.

10 Standout Home Accents from Opalhouse

#1 – Contrast Stripe Light Filtering Curtain Panel with Tassels – These curtain panels are a great statement piece for a room.  They come in a black and white option as well as a yellow and white pattern.

Opalhouse - Target
Contrast Stripe Light Filtering Curtain Panel with Tassels – Opalhouse

#2 – Oversize Embroidered Textured Lumbar Throw Pillow – The texture of this pillow combined with the intricate pattern makes this a standout decor accent.  This would work on a bed or in a chair.  It’s simply gorgeous.

Oversize Embroidered Textured Lumbar Throw Pillow – Opalhouse

#3 – Embossed Brass Antique Medallion Wall Art Set Gold – This wall medallion is absolutely stunning. If you love the look of antiques but can’t afford genuine vintage finds, this is what you need. The embossed design in the brass is fantastic with classic grapes on the vine pattern.

Embossed Brass Antique Medallion Wall Art Set Gold – Opalhouse

#4 – Pineapple Shaped Pillar Candle Holder Lantern Gold – This pineapple-shaped candle holder is anything but ordinary.  The caged base holds a pillar candle and is topped with a gold crown.

It’s very pretty and comes in a small and large size.

Opalhouse - Target
Pineapple Shaped Pillar Candle Holder Lantern Gold – Opalhouse

#5 – Earthenware Vase with Rattan Accents White/Brown – This vase features a really cool rattan accent that looks half like a basket weave and half like you’re lacing up your shoes.

If you’re looking for a really unique accent this is perfect.  It comes in 3 sizes starting at only $4.99!  This is a great price for something with such intricate detailing.

Opalhouse - Target
Earthenware Vase with Rattan Accents White/Brown – Opalhouse

#6 – Velvet Curtain Panel with Tassles – These jewel-toned curtains will give your room a super luxurious feel.  The velvet fabric combined with the teal green oozes sophistication.

What makes these really stand out is the pop of yellow on the tassels trimming each side.  This curtain is also available in blush pink.

Opalhouse - Target
Velvet Curtain Panel with Tassels – Opalhouse
Opalhouse - Target
Velvet Curtain Panel with Tassels – Opalhouse

#7 – Eyelash Bed Throw – Blush –

opalhouse throw blanket
Source: Target.com – Eyelash Bed Throw – Blush

#8 – Touraco Living Room Collection – The Opalhouse brand has several furniture collections available in addition to home accents.  This Touraco line is really lovely with the white doors contrasting the mid-toned wood.  The textural element that is a signature of Opalhouse can also be seen in these pieces.

Opalhouse - Target
Touraco Living Room Collection – Opalhouse

#9 – Southport Patio Egg Chair – Egg chairs are really popular right now and this one from Opalhouse is gorgeous.  The cushions are thick and come in a few color variations.  This would be a great addition to a patio or backyard lounge area.

Opalhouse Egg Chair
Source: Southport Patio Egg Chair – Target.com

#10 – Sachsia Pleated Velvet Ottoman – If you’re looking for an upscale footstool or something with rich jewel tones this pleated velvet ottoman will certainly fit the bill.  It features a rich blue shade with gold trim at the base.

pleated velvet ottoman
Source: Opalhouse Sachsia Pleated Velvet Ottoman – Target.com

#11 – 9.7″ x 9″ Etched Terra Cotta Planter White – This planter is just dreamy.  It’s subtle, yet incredibly detailed all at the same time.  This would be beautiful indoors or out on your patio.  Just be sure to double-check the dimensions before ordering.  Many of the planters from this line appear to be oversized at first glance, but actually measure quite small.

Opalhouse - Target
9.7″ x 9″ Etched Terra Cotta Planter White – Opalhouse

#12 – 14 oz. Stoneware Camel Mug – There was no way I couldn’t include this adorable camel mug on the list.  It’s really cute and the little feet make it a unique style.  Also, it’s only $5.99!

stoneware camel mug
Source: 14 oz Stoneware Camel Mug Cream – Target.com


That’s all for my Opalhouse roundup.  If you liked this post please share it with a friend.

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