Copper Peak & Single Man Home Decorating Ideas

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The Copper Peak home decor collection from At Home is filling a huge gap in the home decorating market. Single man home decorating ideas are hard to come by.  Let’s face it, the bachelors get the short end of the stick when it comes to interior decorating inspiration.

There are very few examples of masculine interiors out there and even fewer examples of it done well.

Modern masculine decor is no longer constrained to sports memorabilia and hunting gear. There are new ways to style your space.

Let’s get into the new sophisticated home accents you can bring into your space on a budget.

Single man home decorating ideas
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Men Want Nice Spaces Too!

Let’s not forget that men want nice spaces too. It’s not just women who crave comfort and want an appealing place to live.

Moreover, men host gatherings just like women and want to make a good impression.

But, there is a difference in how they decorate their spaces.

While women may spend hours expertly arranging 25 small decorative items on a tiered tray, a man’s approach to design tends to be much more simplified.

Also, decorating for a single person (whether it be a man or woman) is easier. There are no compromises to be made and everything is catered to one person’s sense of style.

That being said, a great place to start is statement wall art, statement furniture, and chunky home accents.

Statement Wall Art

Statement wall art can complement the interior design and even be the punctuation to the overall design. It can be abstract or natural and rustic. 

Statement wall art for a single man’s home can help spruce up the walls. These can also reflect his taste in art and personal preferences. 

single man home decorating ideas
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Statement Furniture

A well-chosen piece of furniture can be an impressive piece of art. It is a way of avoiding the predictable “sea of legs.” Statement furniture can transform any indoor space with just the right touch. 

Men not only tend to gravitate to chunky, more substantial pieces, but they can also look forward to something comfortable to lounge into after a hard day’s work. 

Large Chunky Home Accents

Chunky home accents add another layer of comfort to any home. They also come in handy in wintertime. Chunky knits add warmth and coziness to any spot.

Large chunky home accents like blankets and pillows can also be decorative. Look for designs or colors that speak to you, so they can do double-duty as a functional item and décor. 

Copper Peak Collection – At Home

At Home’s new Copper Peak Collection is described as “rustic made modern, striking pieces for all your spaces.”

According to Kristian Lazzaro, Vice President for Trend and Design for At Home, the collection is all about modern mountain vibes. It updates the look of your lodge (or your living room) with organic materials and rich textures like honed granite, suede, faux fur, and faux horn. The collection uses robust, earthy colors and simple abstract shapes that focus on the unique beauty of the natural world. 

The collection allows you to create a mountain retreat in every room. It features a bold, clean look while maintaining a modern, rustic and sophisticated palette. 

Copper Peak offers wall décor, home décor, bedding, and pillows to choose from. 

Wall décor ranges anywhere from $69.99 to $12.99. There is an assortment of wall clocks, geometric pieces, and wall art for you to take home. 

In the home décor niche, there are adorable candle holders starting at $12.99. 

The bedding is comprised of throw pillows beginning at $9.99 and a shaggy throw at $39.99. 

Top 12 Picks from The Copper Peak Collection

1. Black Fabric & Wood Tray, 14 x 20

copper peak black fabric and wood tray
Black Fabric & Wood Tray –

For serving, storage or display, this rectangular tray cleverly combines fabric and wood. It comes in a modern yet masculine combination of white, brown, and black.

It’s something you would definitely want to serve snacks and drinks in or just display your favorite belongings in.

2. 13 x 16 Abstract Wall Decor

abstract wall decor
Abstract Wall Decor –

Imagine this hanging on your wall in your living room, home office, or any open space that needs a touch of interest.

It features the same Copper Peak collection palette of black, white, and brown. It’s an abstract piece with a lot of movement, yet also understated and elegant.

3. Patch Work Cord Embroidered Throw Pillow

copper peak patch work cord embroidered throw pillow
Patch Work Cord Embroidered Path Throw Pillows –

What’s to love about this pillow? It’s the details that go into it with the embroidery. It’s made to look like a weekend patchwork project you’d find in a cabin.

The grays, whites, and blacks are enough to make you feel sentimental just by looking at them. 

4. Distressed Chevron Pattern Ceramic Lamp

distressed chevron lamp
Distressed Chevron Pattern Ceramic Lamp –

Standing at 16 inches tall, this ceramic lamp features a chevron pattern. It shows off an antique copper look that fits in well in any lodging or mountain cabin theme.

Best of all, you can mix and match the base with any shade that you fancy.

5. 36 x 36 Abstract Canvas

abstract canvas
Abstract Canvas –

This large abstract piece offers all you’ll ever need from a piece of wall art. It’s bold, intriguing, and versatile.

Is it a stormy sunset? Is it the dawning of the Northern Lights? Your guests will gather to wonder.

6. 6 x 10 Brown Diamond Ceramic Vase

copper peak diamond ceramic vase
Brown Diamond Ceramic Vase –

Glazed with a copper finish, the distinct patterns give it an earthy yet natural look.

It can be comfortably nestled on any side table or hold pretty flowers from the outdoors. With care, it might be something that can be handed down too.

7. Climb the Mountain Wall Art

"If you don't climb the mountain you can't see the view" wall art
Climb the Mountain Wall Art –

Here’s a simple yet powerful motivational message for your cabin walls. It can also be a clever gift for those who love mountain activities like hiking and camping.

Its minimalist style and font can definitely bring some motivation to anyone who comes across it. 

8. Metal Geo Panel

Copper Peak - Metal Geo Panel
Copper Peak Metal Geo Panel –

If you’re looking for no-brainer wall art, this geometric metal panel can just be the right piece.

It showcases a geometric design with a wood-like finish to match any farmhouse or cabin theme going on in your living spaces. 

9. Glass Top Wood Shelf Side Table

Copper Peak glass top wood shelf side table
Glass Top Wood Shelf Side Table –

This side table takes all the positive features of modern and rustic and combines them.

The top can be used as a surface for décor or catch-all, and the bottom layer can serve as additional storage space. It can add a touch of class in any area. 

10. Teak and Resin Bookend

copper peak teak and resin bookend
Teak and Resin Bookend –

This irregularly-shaped bookend brings the wonders of natural materials to your bookshelf.

What looks like jade or emerald is actually resin, adding a pop of color to your book collection.

Because it’s resin, it costs a fraction of what you’d expect to pay for a piece like it. It’s like bringing the magic of a gorgeous forest among the pages of your favorite books. 

11. Antler Canvas

Antler canvas wall art
Antler Canvas –

What else says “hunting lodge” like a pair of decorative antlers?

Luckily, this is a cruelty-free option to spruce up your walls while still showing off your love for the outdoors.

There’s no actual hunting needed to appreciate nature’s beauty – simply do it through art. 

12. Copper Shag Pillow 

copper shag throw pillow
Copper Shag Pillow –

A mountain lodge or cabin can be glam. Thanks to this metallic copper pillow, it can easily tie-up with anything metallic or earthy.

Pair it with a comfortable knitted throw and you can look forward to getting cozy during the colder months. All while looking stylish, of course. 


Single man home decorating just got a whole lot easier with brand collections like Copper Peak popping up in retail shops.

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