What’s All the Fuss About Transitional Decor?

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Questions about the transitional decor style are flying all around the internet.  In this post, we’ll talk about what it is and why it’s so popular. 

We’ll also check out a few great examples of transitional decor in action.

What Is Transitional Decor Style?

The transitional decor style is timeless, harmonious, and warm.

It combines traditional and modern sensibilities to create spaces that will always feel contemporary.

Transitional marries traditional and contemporary. 

Furniture silhouettes include pieces with right angles, crisp lines, and rounded profiles.

The transitional palette tends to look toward natural elements.

For example, when it comes to fabric, overstuffed and graphic patterns feel at home. But the silhouette still remains sleek across wood frames. 

According to Décor Aid, transitional style refers to a mix of traditional and modern furnishings, fabrics, and decorative features.

It is a constantly-changing design style.

It is a combination of various design styles brought together to create a cohesive design in one room or space. 

The different components can seem at odds at first glance. The key is to strike a balance that makes each piece complement each other – while showcasing your style and preferences. 

Transitional leans towards the restful and serene ambiance that features a balanced mix of contemporary, modern, and even antique pieces with punchy flourishes. 

Why Is Transitional Decor So Popular?

First, it’s a comfortable style that is sophisticated and inviting.

Studio McGee and the Netflix show Dream Home Makeover put this style at the forefront of everyone’s mind, much like Joanna Gaines did for Modern Farmhouse all those years ago.

Now, transitional décor has become a mainstream interior design go-to that most homeowners strive to achieve.

Popular lovers of transitional décor include George Clooney, Brooke Shields, Felicity Huffman, and Diane Keaton. 

What Are Transitional Colors?

Transitional colors include neutrals, creams, gray, and black. 

That’s because these colors are easy to match with statement pieces. These colors are what you would call “buildable.” When it comes to furniture, linen, and accessories, it’s a cinch to look for anything in neutrals, gray, or black. 

Even if you pick out something that stands out, transitional colors can easily complement it. 

Examples of Transitional Living Rooms

If you want to give transitional décor a try, you can check out how these living rooms exemplify this timeless style.

Long Island Tudor Living Room 

Dark wood floors are charming, as seen in this open-concept New York living room.

It cleverly plays with contrast, with neutrals and black.

It’s smart and formal, yet comfy with white walls, an inviting fireplace, and no television.

Something about this arrangement indicates that it’s easy to wind down in this environment. 

Maple Ridge Revival 

In this living room, the wall art pops against the safe neutrals of the sofa, walls, and rug.

Even the throw pillows give a hint of contemporary art amidst the soothing palette of light gray and beige. 

Shades of Grey 

Classy, calm, and quite fabulous, this living room in San Francisco lends a prime example of transitional style.

The dark wood floor makes a nice contrast against the white walls and curtains.

The tiled fireplace doubles as a statement piece and focal point, and a gorgeous low hanging chandelier.

Furthermore, the mix and match of the chairs and sofa prove that transitional is anything but boring. 

Examples of Transitional Decor in Bedrooms

The transitional décor style is not limited to living rooms. If you feel like it, you can apply it in bedrooms as well.

Elegant Jewel Tones 

In this bedroom, the tufted headboard is a rich teal color. The touches of purple on the pillows perfectly match the flowers on the desk.

This bedroom is the perfect showcase of a combination of traditional and contemporary, truly transitional. 

Lakeland House 

The balanced palette of navy and neutrals presents a calming retreat in this symmetrical bedroom. It brings the colors of the lake indoors.

With a dark wood floor, the white walls together with the large uniform mirrors make the space look larger.

The pops of navy tie everything together despite presenting various patterns since they stay in the same color family. 

Charlotte Contemporary Remodel 

The punchy colors of peach and mint green lend a nice touch against the navy blue of the headboard and artwork.

This design brings to mind that many elements throughout the room help tie up the look with dark against neutrals.

The varied textures of soft linen, woven furniture, and airy windows create a refreshing look. 

Tropical Oasis Bedroom 

This bedroom looks like a tropical beach house style that meets the modern aesthetic.

The details are cohesive, from the gradient blue pillows, blue vases, and the artwork on the walls. These blues are complemented by the tropical greenery near the window.

The sheer curtains help soften the natural light spilling in and play well against the neutral light grey palette.

Examples of Transitional Dining Rooms

Modern Beach House 

This beach house’s features blend modern and contemporary components. The crimson rug makes the greys in this dining room pop. It’s just the right contrast for the low chandelier, chairs, and neutral wall.

Winchester Dining Room 

Despite the mix and match of the chairs around the table, it all still feels cohesive due to the touches of blue: decanters, curtain prints, and chairs.

It still feels airy and relaxed, without looking too opulent and imposing – perfect for a mid-sized dining room. 

Natural Elements Abound 

The beauty of dark wood shines in this kitchen and dining room combo.

The toned-down play of browns in this space makes for a cozy breakfast nook.

The key to bringing together a handful of mismatched chairs is to stick to a timeless, elegant silhouette.

The throw pillows are a great addition to this space. They amp up the comfort factor of this clever seating setup. 

Breezy Rockford 

Against natural lighting, this breakfast nook maximizes seating for up to eight people.

There are three types of seating available, but all look rather put-together thanks to the uniform color palette.

The shades can be pulled down when the sun is high and drawn during golden hours.

Subtle Yet Classy 

For an intimate space, the round dining table matches the armoire for storage.

The large artwork on the wall is a fantastic conversation starter.

From the rich texture of the chairs, one can tell that they’re plush and comfortable.

The freshly-picked flowers create a charming centerpiece to pull the look together.


Transitional décor is a style that brings together elements from different eras and yet somehow manages to look and feel cohesive with the right play of colors and elements.

There is a reason why neutrals are a common ground in transitional décor. They serve as a great counterpart to whatever color palette you want to introduce in the space. 

If you want to give transitional décor a try, start with the living room, dining room, or bedroom and play around with a few key pieces of furniture.

Before you know it you’ll be able to meld colors and styles together with ease.

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