Company Ready: 15 Minute Express House Cleaning Routine for Last Minute Guests

last minute guests

A full house cleaning could take hours.

But when a friend or a relative calls and says they’re in the area and “just want to stop by and say hi”, you may only have a matter of minutes.

Your house is a mess.  You haven’t cleaned up the kitchen from breakfast, kids’ toys are on the floor, laundry is on the couch waiting to be folded… the list goes on.

But, being the kind and welcoming person that you are, you say through gritted teeth “ohhhh?…. Yeah… we’d love to see you! Come on by”. 😬

Then, the panic sets in and you start to sweat trying to figure out how you’re going to pull this off.


Now, it’s not that you don’t want to see this person.  You just take pride in your home and want to present it at it’s best.

But, now you only have 15 minutes to make your home presentable.  What do you do?

Here it is.

Complete these 5 steps and to make your home company ready in 15 minutes or less.

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Hostess Gifts & How to Choose

hostess gifts

Choosing host or hostess gifts can sometimes seem like a chore.  You’re not sure what they might like, what they already have, or how much to spend.

If you can relate, keep reading.

In this post I’m going to break down the 6 main types of hostess gifts and when to give them.

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5 Sample Thank You Messages

thank you messages

A simple “Thank You” carries with it a lot of weight when it comes to forming and maintaining relationships.  Not to mention, it’s just good manners.  But, thank you messages can be hard to write.

An important part of any social interaction is the follow-up.

There are a number of occasions where a simple thank you message is appropriate, including a thank you after an interview, a thank you for a gift or a thank you after an event.

A gracious hostess will always follow up with her attendees with a thank you note post-party.

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5 Tablescapes That Are Perfect for Summer

If you want to create a memorable table display for your next event, try one of these 5 tablescapes.  They’re creative, colorful, and perfect for summer.

With summer just around the corner, you may be planning your next outdoor event.

Whether you’ve been dreaming of an elegant outdoor dinner party, or a fun kids’ birthday on the lawn, your table will most likely be the focal point.

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Summer Party Ideas – Festive Party Decor for Your Next Event

Before we know it summer will be here. Each year, I wonder what new summer party ideas are floating around that I want to try.

There’s always a new, inventive way to serve food to your guests and decorate your yard.

My favorite part of this season is eating outside and laughing under the stars late into the night.  Summertime is a great season for entertaining.

The weather is warm, the drinks are cold, and its the perfect time to catch up with friends.

If you’d like a few suggestions for summer party ideas, I’ve compiled five great ones below.

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Why a Bar Trolley Is the Perfect Party Accessory

bar trolley

Want to impress your guests at your next gathering?  Invest in a bar trolley.

These mobile beverage stations can be styled a ton of different ways and will always be adored.

There are a few essentials that every bar cart needs such as a decanter set, coasters, glasses, bar tools, drinks, napkins, and of course the trolley or cart.

Otherwise, styling options for your bar trolley are endless.  Go rustic or industrial with dark wood and metal piping, or glam it up with mirrored shelves, glass and silver.

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3 Reasons Why Guest Bathroom Decor Is Important

Why Your Guest Bathroom Decor Is Important

Bathroom decor is no longer being overlooked.  The term was recently trending on Pinterest and for good reason.

More and more time is being spent making guest bathrooms inviting and mater bathrooms an oasis.  The two, however, have very different needs and your bathroom decor choices should reflect that.

For this post, let’s take a look at guest bathrooms in particular.

The three must-haves for a guest bath are functionality, visibility, and accessibility.  Let’s break those down a bit.

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