15 Amazing DIY Furniture Repurpose Projects

diy furniture repurpose projects

DIY furniture repurpose projects are the coolest. They take do-it-yourself decorating to a whole new level.

Creative people all over the world find ways to upcycle old furniture and give it a new life.

In this post, I’ve rounded up 15 amazing DIY furniture repurpose projects.  Let’s take a look.

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3 DIY Decor Projects You Should Skip

diy decor projects

To DIY or not DIY… that is the question.  Over the years I’ve learned to temper my enthusiasm for DIY decor projects.

While I absolutely love the idea of recreating amazing decorative accents myself, I’ve found time and time again that there are some projects that you’re just better off buying.

In this post, we’ll first talk about how to evaluate your next project to see if it’s a DIY worth the effort.  Then, I’ll share 3 DIY decor projects that I don’t recommend trying and why.

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6 DIY Coffee Station Ideas to Start Your Morning

7 DIY Coffee Station Ideas to Start Your Morning

Whether you go over the top or keep it simple, an at-home coffee station is such a treat.  Creating a designated zone from which to start your morning off each day that is efficient, beautiful, and fully stocked with your favorite beverages is a great idea.

There are, however, a lot of little details to take into consideration when building a DIY coffee bar.  Here are 6 great examples that tend to all of the details.

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DIY Home Decorating Projects I Want To Try In 2020

diy home decorating projects

The beginning of a new year is always exciting and full of promise.  One of the things I’m most excited about is challenging myself with some larger DIY home decorating projects.

Up until now, I’ve dabbled in small tabletop decor or DIY door wreaths.  This year, I want to tackle a few bigger projects.

Here’s my list of home decorating projects I want to complete in 2020.

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DIY Paper Hydrangea Flowers & Hostess Gift Idea

FTC Disclaimer: I was compensated for this post. This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

The home entertaining season will be upon us very soon.  Thanksgiving, end of the year parties, Christmas, and New Years will be rolling in one after the other.  I started thinking about hostess gift ideas a few weeks ago and really wanted to do something unique.

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Home Decor Hack: Hurricane Lantern Centerpiece

Home decorating can be expensive. Especially if you want to create an elaborate display.  One of the best ways to decorate on a tight budget is to update something you already own.  With a few minor changes you can transform something old into a new trendy piece.  In this post I’ll show you how I transformed an old hurricane lantern into a beautiful new centerpiece for only $1.00!  Yes, that’s right. $1.00.  Here it is.

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DIY Custom Photo Mats In 3 Easy Steps

diy custom photo mats

Creating your own custom photo mats is a great way to upgrade your framed pictures.  It’s also a way to save a few dollars when purchasing picture frames.

In this post I’ll show you how to create your own custom photo mats in 3 easy steps.

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My DIY Thumbtack Wall Art Mistakes

Thumbtack wall art has been popular for quite some time.  It’s a cheap, easy, beginner-friendly DIY project (or so I thought).

In a nutshell, you’re just pushing thumbtacks into foam board and creating a pretty pattern.  Then you hang it on your wall.  It’s not brain surgery, right?

Well, it’s exactly that type of attitude turned this 2-hour project into a 2-day project for me.

Here are 4 mistakes I made and how to avoid them.

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Home Office DIY Command Center Project

If you have an area of your home in desperate need of an organization system, a DIY command center may be your answer.

For us, our home office organization was not working.  We had “in” and “out” baskets that were overflowing with old mail and items to be filed.  Both were acting as catch-all junk drawers.

I had no place to sort receipts or a designated spot for items to be mailed.  Each time we needed to reference a piece of mail that arrived at the house we had to sift through this giant stack of stuff.

I was over it and decided to once and for all create a system that worked.

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DIY Spring Wreath: Dollar Tree Floral Rag Wreath

Spring has arrived!  With tomorrow being the official first day of spring; I figured there was no better time than now to share this DIY spring wreath project.

Bringing vibrant colors back into my home decor is my favorite part of the spring season.  Seasonal decorating is something I’m always excited to do.

This past weekend I created a new wreath for our front door.  I wanted to do something a little bit different, so I combined a traditional floral wreath with a rag wreath and I love the results.

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