My, My, Has Modern Industrial Decor Changed!

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Let’s talk about modern industrial interiors.

About 10 years ago we started to see a rise in the industrial-style loft.  In cities all over the country, young urban professionals looking for downtown addresses were flocking to rehabbed industrial buildings, turned residential retreats.

This was also the beginning of the exposed brick craze.

And, although these homes with brick walls, metal floors, and open metal staircases were not without their charm, they were overall seen as a bit cold.

Frankly, it’s hard to cozy up a space filled with cold, rough, surfaces.

Modern Industrial Decor

Today, we’re seeing this style of design in a whole new fashion.  They’re a bit more polished and comfortable as more of a throwback interior style, rather than a true industrial structure turned residence.

Modern Industrial Kitchens

Kitchen islands made of metal and are popular.  This is significant because wood is a material that warms up a room.

The rich colors and soft nature evoke a feeling of coziness.  Pairing metal with wood is a way to incorporate that industrial vibe into a more traditional piece.

Modern Industrial Kitchen


Modern Industrial Lighting

Lighting is another thing that has been refined.  The Edison bulb style is going strong in modern industrial interiors.

Chandeliers with matte black metal structures and bare bulbs are also very popular.  You can find this style featured in string lighting as well.

Many choose to add them to their patios and other outdoor settings.

Modern Industrial Lighting


Modern Industrial Floors

Floors have also been polished, quite literally.  Smooth, polished concrete dyed to any color you can imagine is the flooring of choice in a modern industrial home.

Tile is also very popular.  Wood is also an acceptable option that can be paired with furniture with metallic accents.

Modern Industrial Flooring


These changes have breathed new life into this decor style and made it a little more mainstream.

You’ll still see exposed brick, exposed beams, and exposed plumbing in a lot of modern industrial interiors.  However, you no longer have to fully commit to a textile plant turned condo to enjoy the sleek simplicity of modern industrial decor.

What do you think of this style? Please comment below with your thoughts.

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modern industrial decor style

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