Who Decides Interior Design Trends?

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Each year design experts speculate on the interior design trends they think will set the year ablaze.

But, where do these trends come from and who decides what’s in and what’s out?

Where Do Interior Design Trends Come From?

Inspiration is everywhere. But, when it comes to interior design there are a few places we can pinpoint as surefire influences on interior styling.

Among them include the fashion industry, social media, and traditional media including television and magazines.

Let’s take a look at how each of these finds its way into the interior design world.

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Fashion First

Believe it or not, a lot of the colors and patterns seen in trendy homes were first found on the runway.

Some respected names in interior design actually have ties to the fashion world in one way or another.

It’s common to see fashion designers introducing some items for the home through collaborations inspired by their designs.

Isaac Mizrahi, for example, is a huge name on the New York runway but also has a rug collection.

Prominent styles on the runway have a way of seeping into architecture, art, and interior design.

Back in 2019, the trendy fall fashion color was pistachio. Not long after, a variation of the warm, muted green shade started showing up in the interior design world.

Even eucalyptus was big that season. It was everywhere, from table linen, plate designs, and even window treatments for the year.

As for 2022, muted greens are still a preference.

Both Sherwin-Williams and Behr have chosen a light, muted green for kitchen colors and all over the home.

After all, green is a welcoming and relaxing shade. 

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Influencers & Tastemakers – From Social Media to TV Personalities

A quick look at how interior design was done decades ago shows a huge gap from how movers and shakers shape tastes today.

With the boom of various social media platforms, access to information is instantaneous.

Influencers and tastemakers can set trends with a well-thought-out campaign.

It’s also easy to shop for designs thanks to tags that can link products directly to any shop and make checking out easy. 

This type of easy accessibility to a style you like makes trends really take off.

interior design trends and social media

Macro Issues & Social Causes

Larger social issues have an impact on interior design trends as well.

In 2019, beating overconsumption and hoarding was trendy. Thus, we saw a growth in minimalism.

This also urged people to declutter and organize. Marie Kondo became a household name following her book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

On the heels of the book’s success, her Netflix show boosted her popularity even more.

In the midst of 2020, humidifiers and disinfecting machines found their way in homes and offices to beat bacteria and viruses.

The focus was to make the home as comfortable, relaxing, and safe as possible.

It was the time for family, beating the commute, and working cozily from home as most homes reinvented the home office. 

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Magazines & Television

Who gets featured matters.

There are tons of great styling ideas out there, but whether or not we’re even introduced to them makes all the difference.

Imagine if Chip and Joanna Gaines were never on TV.  Would Modern Farmhouse even be a thing?

There was a time when interior designers relied on exposure from magazines and television.

Lately, appearing on Netflix and having them make a show about your skills is the next milestone. Shows like Dream Home Makeover, Stay Here, and Amazing Interiors have influenced viewers by the millions. 

The digital age has made self-promotion easier. We’re not seeing internet personalities like Emily Henderson who gained her following through her blog, now reaching the masses on Netflix and with her home decor collaborations with Target.

She has without a doubt been a huge influence on the current trending styles transitional decor and modern organic.

interior design and netflix


In conclusion, if you want to get a leg up on the newest interior styles, look to the runway, television, and social media.

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