Home Decor: What’s Worth the Splurge?

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As you may or may not know, DianneDecor.com specializes in offering affordable, trendy home decor.

I firmly believe that you don’t have to spend a fortune to decorate your home.

That being said, there are some decor items that are worth the splurge.  Here are a few.

Home Decor Worth the Splurge

1. Furniture

Sturdy, well-constructed furniture is always worth the investment.

A good piece of furniture will last you 10 to 20 years.  In fact, with proper care, you’re more likely to get rid of it because you’re tired of the design than it becoming faulty.

Well made, supportive furniture is good for you and your guests.  You never want to invite a guest to sit in a wobbly chair, or a creaky sagging sofa if you can avoid it.

Not only will they be physically uncomfortable, but they’ll also be worried they’re going to break your stuff!

Dining Room Set
Source: havertys.com

2. Lighting

Investing in beautiful pendant lighting or chandeliers is a great way to style your home.

Lighting makes such a big impact and purchasing a stylish piece that will last for years and years over the standard builder-grade fixtures is a good move.

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Mariella 5-Light Crystal Ballroom Chandelier

3. Area Rugs

A nice area rug can really take your room to the next level.  It will help meld your color scheme together and define your space.

If you go too cheap with rugs they’re likely to wear or shed easily.  The fibers may be rough and uncomfortable underfoot as well.

It’s better to invest in a good quality rug that will stand the test of time without fraying or fading.

Source: Pinterest

4. Quality Bedding

If you’ve hung around this blog for a while, you know I always say the bedroom should be a sanctuary.  A place to rest and recharge at the end of a long day.

A big part of that is a comfortable bed.  Purchasing a good mattress and high quality, soft bedding is a must.

Whether you prefer a comforter, quilt, or duvet set, spend a little extra for premium fabrics and a high thread count.

Source: issuu.com

Where to Save on Home Decor

So, with this list, you may be wondering where can I save money when it comes to decor?

Vases, mirrors, picture frames, artificial flowers, table settings, and small decor accents can be found affordably at a ton of different places.

I’m partial, of course, to DianneDecor.com, but the Dollar Tree, Amazon, and local thrift stores are other great places to get cheap decor accents for your home.

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home decor worth the splurge

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