Start Decorating Your Home In 3 Easy Steps

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Sometimes the hardest challenge we face in decorating our home is simply getting started.

There are so many ideas, styles, needs, and wants swirling through our heads that we don’t know where to begin.

I have faced this challenge many, many, times.  Particularly, when we’re fresh off a move and trying to get unpacked and settled in.

Over the years I have found that decorating three key areas of my home makes the biggest impact for both myself and guests.

Addressing each of these three areas is how I like to start to achieve a warm, cozy, and inviting environment.

So, if you want to know how to start decorating your home in 3 easy steps keep reading.

Start Decorating These 3 Areas of Your Home

1 – Window Treatments

In a new space begin decorating by installing your window coverings.

They’re not only important for privacy but are a cohesive design element.  They make your home feel unified and bring warmth to your space through texture.

Bare blinds certainly are acceptable, but curtains and drapes are really the way to make your home feel lived in and cozy.

curtain decorating
Sereno Fretwork Print Curtain

2 – Bathroom Decorating

Take a moment to add a few decor accents to your bathroom.

Flowers, candles, shower curtains, rugs, and wall art will go a long way in this high traffic area.

Because it is a frequently utilized space; it becomes a part of your daily experience.  An unfinished bathroom will become a constant reminder of all the decorating you have left to do.

Take the time to make sure that experience is a pleasant one by adding decor.

bathroom decorating
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3 – Create a Warm Welcome By Adding a Wreath

Something as simple as placing a wreath on your front door makes a huge impact on how you and your guests are received.

For others, its a warm hello and a glimpse into your personal style.  For you, it welcomes you home as you pull into the driveway after a time away.

The feeling of immediate relaxation and exhale when you make it back home is priceless.  And your wreath; the one that you either picked out or lovingly created (DIY Fall Wreath Tutorial) acts as your lighthouse welcoming you back to the shore.

It’s a good feeling.


Start decorating these areas first and you’ll be amazed at the impact it has on your home.

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Start Decorating Your Home in 3 Easy Steps

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