The Secret To Finding The Best Stuff At Wayfair

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If you’re decorating your home on a tight budget one of the best things to do is shop at Wayfair.

Their selection of items is outrageous, and their shipping and return policies are very generous. Not to mention they have awesome open box deals.

The only downside I’ve found from shopping at Wayfair is the number of items to choose from.

It can be downright overwhelming trying to sift through their catalog.

However, over the years I’ve uncovered two easy ways to shop Wayfair that narrow down their selection quickly and easily.

In this post, I’m going to share with you those two methods step by step.

My Wayfair Shopping Methods

My methods will ensure that you’re getting the highest rated items in your price range without having to spend hours browsing page after page.

While I love the idea of having a seemingly endless supply of options.  Big retailers like Wayfair, Walmart, and Amazon can be totally overwhelming.

At the end of the day, it’s impossible for me to choose one vase out of thousands.

It’s much more likely that I will end up leaving the site without purchasing if I’m presented with too many options.

Lots of people experience this type of analysis paralysis.

Instead, if I’m able to narrow a search down to a hundred items or less, I’m much more likely to actually add an item to my cart and check out on the spot.

Any number over that will lead me to add things to a wish list to compare over and over again without actually purchasing.

If you fear missing out on a hidden gem because you’ve narrowed down your selection too much, don’t.

True hidden gems are always discovered through ratings and reviews.  If the price is right, it only takes one or two people to rave about something for it to gain popularity quickly.

As a home decor blogger, I frequently visit home decor websites (multiple times per day).  Over time I have come to know the brands that are most highly rated, the ones that offer the best deals, and on which websites they can be found.

Top-Rated Brands on Wayfair

For Wayfair, here are the top-performing brands on the site:

  1. Andover Mills
  2. Mistana
  3. Three Posts
  4. Mercury Row
  5. Etta Ave
  6. Greyleigh
  7. Red Barrell Studio
  8. Wrought Studio
  9. August Grove
  10. Mercer 41

When I shop for items on Wayfair I always narrow down my results by filtering only these 10 brands start.  I almost never have to look outside of these brands to find something beautiful.

At the end of the day, I don’t need to see and review all 50000 options for a vase to find one I like.  I just want something that’s going to compliment my home, fits within my budget and is made well.

To find such an item I trust the aforementioned top-rated brands for decor and furniture.

So let’s get into the first method for shopping on Wayfair.

Method 1

1: Select Your Category

I first start by shopping by category.  Or, if I’m shopping for furniture I will use the “shop by room” feature to start my search by room.

How To Shop At Wayfair - Example 1

2: Filter By Top Brands

Next, I will filter my top 10 brands (mentioned above).

How To Shop Wayfair

3: Set a Price Range

Then I will set a filter for my price range.

How To Shop At Wayfair

4: Filter by “In Stock Only”

And finally, and this is very important, I will always filter by in stock only (located under the Availability filter).  I do not want to see 1000 listings of items that I cannot buy.

You won’t find out they’re out of stock until after you click on them for a close-up view.  As a result, you can waste a lot of time clicking on items you’re interested in only to find out they’re not available.

So filtering by “in stock only” is key.

This method of filtering results drastically reduced the number of lamps to review from 30,655 to a manageable 135.

Note: Remember to expand all of the filters for more options to reduce the number of items returned in your search.  Filters change depending upon the category you’re browsing, so remember to expand the list to see all the filters.

How To Shop At Wayfair

Method 2

If for some reason you feel as though you have not seen as many results as you would like, try this alternative method.

1: Select Your Category

Again, start by selecting your category.

Wayfair Shopping Tips

2: Filter by Customer Rating of 4 stars or higher

Next, filter by customer rating of 4 stars or more instead of the top 10 list of brands.  This will return more results but will ensure that you’re seeing only the best.

Wayfair Shopping Tips

3: Set a Price Range

Don’t forget to set your price range.

Shopping Hacks

4: Filter by “In Stock Only”

Finally, select “in stock only” from the availability filter.

This method returned 527 results as opposed to the 135 results returned in method 1.  While this is a big pool of lamps to sift through, you can be sure that they’re all highly rated, in your price range, and in stock.

In my opinion, this is a much better starting point than the original 30,000.

Of course, from here you can continue to filter by lamp height, material, color, etc. if you have something very specific in mind.

Shopping Hacks

How To Find Deals & Sales on Wayfair

The Sales Hub

Before I end this post I want to tell you how I find the best sales on Wayfair.

To do this I navigate directly to the Sale Hub.

The homepage features flash deals and other sales, however, the deepest discounts will be found in the Sales Hub.

This section of the website is personalized by your browsing activity.  So if you have an account with Wayfair, log in before you start browsing.

It will not only help your tailor your Sales Hub, but it will also allow you to save items to your wish list or “board” as they call it.

To get to the Sales Hub, all you need to do is click the red “Sale” link from the main navigation.

Here you’ll be able to jump to sales by department, see deals under $50, deals at 50% off, and picks just for you that are on sale and related to your recent searches.

Sale Hub at Wayfair

Closeout Items & Open Box Deals

The other way to make sure that you’re scoring a deal on Wayfair is to target closeout items.  Closeout items are things that are not going to be restocked or have been overstocked.

You can do this in two different ways.

The first method is to filter your search results by closeout items.

Alternatively, you can find link to the closeout section at the bottom of the Sales Hub as well.

Last but not least, you can shop open box deals. I have a whole post on where to find open box deals on home decor here.

Open box items are special in that these are last call final sale items. They are items that have already been purchased by another customer but returned for one reason or another.

Rest assured, anything that you receive from an open box deal has been vetted by Wayfair and is in working order.  Sometimes you will find the reason for the return listed right on the product page.

The open box deals can be found at the bottom of the Sales Hub page.


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