DIY Home Decorating Projects I Want To Try In 2020

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The beginning of a new year is always exciting and full of promise.  One of the things I’m most excited about is challenging myself with some larger DIY home decorating projects.

Up until now, I’ve dabbled in small tabletop decor or DIY door wreaths.  This year, I want to tackle a few bigger projects.

Here’s my list of home decorating projects I want to complete in 2020.

DIY Home Decorating Projects

1. Console Table

My entryway is a bit sparse, and I’d like to add either an entryway table or bench.

I would also like something placed against the back of my living room sofa since it is currently exposed.

I’m not sure what it is… but there’s something about seeing the back of a sofa; particularly when it’s being used as a room divider that seems a bit unfinished.  Either way, I have a few places where a console table would look great.

When I saw Kathryn from Do It On A Dime build a $15 console table on her YouTube Channel, I was sold.  This will be the first project I tackle in the new year.

2 – Lazy Susan

I’ve had this DIY Lazy Susan project pinned on one of my Pinterest boards for a while now.  It seems like a really simple, straight-forward project.

After getting my hands on the Beautiful Boards book from Maegan Brown last year, I’ve been full steam ahead with creating spreads for my guests.  Everyone is loving them.

The first board I tried was the Cobb Salad board which you can see in my post “6 Charcuterie Board Design Secrets Revealed“.

The second was the Chips and Dip board from her book.  I created it for our New Year’s Eve party and everyone loved it.

So, I’d like to expand my serving tray inventory and create a nice, large lazy susan for future events.  I just need to figure out what I need to do to make it food safe.  If you know, please share in the comments below.

DIY home decorating project - lazy suzan

3 – Large Round Wooden Tray

With a toddler and an infant roaming around, I keep decorations on my coffee table and end tables to the bare minimum.

In fact, I don’t leave anything on the coffee table at all and have only books and coasters on my end tables.

And, although it is not the look I really want for my space, it is practical for my season of life.  It stops things from getting broken, and it saves me a lot of cleanup time at the end of the day.

That being said, when guests come for a visit I make a special effort to decorate those areas.

So I bring things out just for the evening after the kids go to sleep, then putting them back away in the morning.

I’m okay with this method for now.  Especially because I know it’s just temporary.  Once they get a little older, it won’t be an issue.

But, until then, I’d like an easier way to transport decor to and from the coffee table.  Having it contained in a tray seems like a great solution.

Unfortunately, I haven’t found a tutorial for the exact type of tray I want.  Not only do I want something large, round, and with handles, I want it to have a lip on it.

Most of the DIY round tray tutorials I’ve found are using these large wooden discs found at Home Depot.

They have beveled edges and no way to really hold contents during transport.  Or, special tools are required to carve out a recess from a larger piece of wood to create the lip.

So, right now, I’m still in the research stage of this project.  I’ve thought about using some kind of wooden hoop, but I’m not sure.

If you have any ideas for how I can create this inexpensively, please let me know in the comments.  It may just end up being one of those things that’s cheaper to buy than DIY.

4 – Outdoor Grill/Bar Cart

I recently stumbled upon a tutorial for a Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Island from The Rehab Life on YouTube, but I think it would work perfectly for an outdoor grill cart.

We love grilling in the summer and don’t have anything to manage the utensils or a place to hold the dishes to load and unload the food.

We either make 20 trips in and out of the house or balance plates on chairs.  If we had a proper dining table outside this wouldn’t be an issue.  But we don’t (and I’m bitter about it), but that’s a rant for another time.

So, in the interim, a piece of furniture like this, on wheels would be awesome.


5 – Large Wooden Poster Frames

We have a large blank hallway wall in our home that I have a vision for and want to see realized this year.  I want 3 or 4 huge black and white prints (24 x 36) of the kids to line the wall.

To frame them, I love the idea of a simple, yet thick, rustic looking wood frame.  This DIY Wooden Poster Frame project is what I plan to use as a guide.  I found this on the Free + Unferttered blog, but I believe the original tutorial came from Young House Living.

DIY Wooden Poster Frame

6 – Toy Chest with Upholstered Top

I desperately need a toy chest for my daughter’s bedroom to house her growing collection of stuffed animals.

Currently, they reside in a big round pop-up tent that takes up 1/4 of her room.  So, I’d like to pack that away for special occasions and replace it with a toy chest with a padded top that she can sit on.

This DIY Upholstered Toybox from Simply Beautiful by Angela is a great example of what I’m trying to build.

DIY Upholstered Toy Chest

7 – Padded Bench

Another project from The Rehab Life that I’d like to try is this bench.  I like the simple structure of it and will likely find a way to pad and upholster the top.

Although, it looks great as is without the padding.  We’ll have to see how it jives with my bedroom decor when it’s done.  I plan on putting it at the foot of our bed.

We have a lot of wood tones in the master bedroom already so I’ll need to proceed with caution.  I don’t want to accidentally create a log cabin vibe.


As I complete these projects I’ll document them and update this post to let you know how they turned out.  The only project I’m not super confident about on this list is the large round tray.

It seems like it may be more trouble than its worth, which can sometimes be the case with DIY projects.  Anyways, stay tuned for updates and let me know which DIY home decorating projects you plan on completing in 2020.

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DIY Home Decorating Projects I Want to Try in 2020

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