6 DIY Coffee Station Ideas to Start Your Morning

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Whether you go over the top or keep it simple, an at-home coffee station is such a treat.  Creating a designated zone from which to start your morning off each day that is efficient, beautiful, and fully stocked with your favorite beverages is a great idea.

There are, however, a lot of little details to take into consideration when building a DIY coffee bar.  Here are 6 great examples that tend to all of the details.

Modern Farmhouse Holiday Coffee Bar

If you want to add a little extra jazz to your beverage routine, consider expanding your coffee bar options to include hot chocolate with all the fixings.

This farmhouse-style setup is really cute and I love how everything is visible and accessible.

Straws, coffee, cocoa, and peppermints add a bit of whimsy to an otherwise mundane morning coffee routine.  More photos at LittleHouseofFour.com.

coffee station ideas

Modern & Moody Coffee Station

This coffee station screams modern industrial with its chunky wood shelves and matte black metal accents.

It’s one of the more elaborate setups with double shelving to hold extra supplies, flavored syrups, and two different coffee brewing options.

The vertical design allows not only for extra storage, but extra decor.  The white cups and saucers along with the pops of greenery are a great choice against this deep accent wall.  More photos of this DIY coffee station project at LoveCreateCelebrate.com.

coffee station

Cube Storage Coffee Bar

Hats off to AShadeofTeal.com for transforming a basic cube storage unit into a fabulous coffee bar.

If your countertop space is already spoken for, this is a creative solution.  The tiered tray allows for extra vertical storage and keeps everything nice and contained.

The mug rack and basket placed in the cubes below is a really smart choice.

I like the idea of being able to hide away the extras.  Especially if the boxes or containers they come in don’t jive with the aesthetic up top. It’s a lot easier to place them close by, but out of sight than to try to decant or repackage everything to fit your color scheme.

coffee station


Coffee and More Station

If you want a central location for a full on-the-go morning routine, this is it.

This coffee station arrangement featured here on the Crazy Mary blog is primed and ready for not only coffee but a quick bite to eat as well.  There’s cereal, jams, and what appears to juice ready to go.

coffee station

Fancy Farmhouse Coffee Bar

Another modern farmhouse style coffee bar is this one by FlouronMyFace.com.

The design is really well balanced and I love that everything is easily accessible.  From the look of the shelves below there’s plenty of storage space, although it looks like everything you’d need to make a killer cup of coffee is right up top.

coffee station

Custom Coffee Station Solution

The colors in this wood stain just take my breath away.

This custom build by Josh and Amanda at Sincerelymariedesigns.com is not for the faint of heart.  But, if you’ve got the skills, go for it!  This project turned out beautifully.

Everything from the chalkboard backdrop to the concrete countertop is just lovely.  Check out their post for more details on this DIY.


I hope these DIY coffee station ideas inspired you as much as they did me.  I didn’t have a coffee station on my list of DIY Home Decorating Projects I Want to Try in 2020, but it’s officially being added right now.

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DIY Coffee Station Ideas

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