What To Buy In September For Your Home

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In this post, we’ll talk about what buy in September for your home.  September is the start of the holiday season for many religions and nationalities.

There are also a handful of “just for fun” days, or strange holidays such as Happy Cat Month, Hug Your Hound Day, even National Punctuation Day.

In addition, September is also the start of a seemingly never-ending season for sales and deals.

There are bargains everywhere. From your favorite shops, grocery stores, and even wholesale clubs.

So, how do I know what to buy and what’s a good deal?

Here are some ideas on what to buy in September for your home.

What’s Happening in September?

September signals a new season, so you can expect to see things on sale for the new season and the clearance for the previous season.

In terms of retail therapy, here’s what to look forward to:


End of Summer Clearance

In September lookout for clearance items and End of Summer sales. With these sales comes deep discounts on leftover summer stock.

Retailers want to get this stuff off their shelves to make room for incoming fall and winter items.

If you haven’t had a chance to grab some summer-themed home décor and patio accessories, now is the time.

You can store them away during the off-season and bring them out when spring and summer roll around again next year.

You’ll save big bucks shopping this way and no one’s the wiser.

End of summer clearance

Fall Décor

Fall is a season that is easy to fall in love with. It’s the sweet introduction to winter. And to complement this, homes need to be cozier and warmer.

You can expect to see fall décor filling the shelves in September.

What should you be looking out for? Well, if it is anything velvet, burgundy, or brown floral, it has to be on your list.

If you like scented candles or essential oils to diffuse for your intimate spaces, you’ll find these on sale as well.

Anything that has to do with the season’s foliage is also great to grab in September.


Final Sales of Back to School/Home Office Supplies

This is also the time to treat yourself to new school/home office supplies.

Most of these supplies may come in bundles, so it’s the right time to restock on your needs.

If you have been working from home, this is a good time to scout out some new desk accessories and office decor.


Holiday Sales in September

There are also a handful of sales to look forward to in September.

If you’re out and about, now is a good time to pop into a store or two and see what you can bring home during these sales events.


Labor Day Sales

The first Monday in September is Labor Day. There will be a lot of sales scheduled for this time.

Even if you don’t physically go into a store, you can find great sales online. More and more stores are offering curbside pickup in addition to delivery for your safety and convenience.

Whatever mode of shopping you choose, look for deals around Labor Day weekend.

What To Buy In September for Your Home

Here are a few things that will be on sale in September for your home.



This is the perfect time to replace that old mattress. Labor day is notorious for mattress and furniture sales.

You can also score a deal on some new bedding and bedroom decor.

what to buy in September


It’s also the right time to look out for deals on appliances, especially the big-ticket items such as a washer-dryer and refrigerator.

But, never fear. If you aren’t ready to purchase now, Black Friday will be right around the corner.

That will be the next time you’ll see big sales on appliances.

What to buy in september

Patio Furniture

Outdoor décor and patio furniture are on sale in September. With fire pits and patio heaters, we’re extending the outdoor entertaining season a little more every year.

So, don’t think that you won’t get good use out of a patio set after summer ends.

Use it well into fall and then cover it to preserve it for spring.

Look for conversation sets and patio dining furniture to be marked down as much as 50% in September.

But remember, the rule of thumb for shopping clearance and end-of-season deals is to buy it when you see it.

There won’t be any restocks and you may miss out on big savings if you hesitate.

What to buy in september

Bedding and Linens

One of the most significant changes between the summer season and fall is bedding. We begin swapping out our light summer linens for something a little more substantial to get us through the chilly fall nights.

The types of bedding we use in the warm weather vs the cold weather differ.
Light duvets and throws are swapped out for flannels and heavy faux fur blankets.

The colors and patterns also change with many of us swapping floral and nautical prints for plaid and gingham.

The above is also true for other fabrics and linens in the home like table runners, kitchen towels, curtains, and of course pillow covers.

I have a whole post on how to use decorative pillow covers to switch up your style from season to season.

With this change in seasons, September is the perfect time to scoop up any leftover lightweight summer bedding and other linens. Store them neatly in a cabinet and when spring rolls around next year you’ll be ready to go.



This time of year garden centers will be bringing in new fall plants, clearing out summer inventory.

While I wouldn’t necessarily recommend trying to plant summer flowers in the ground now, you can use them indoors, in hanging planters, and in planter pots on your porch.

Seeds of course can be stored until next year.

One type of plant that you could try to plant during this time is cacti and succulents. These plants are one of the most resilient and are known to transplant well almost any time of the year.

While their growth is stunted during winter, they will surely sprout up when the warmer weather returns.

Home Office Supplies

There are still some great deals on home office supplies. Here’s what to expect.

You’ll find notebooks at rock-bottom prices in September, even lower than $1.

Buy name brand glue and folders for 50¢ each, and reams of paper for around $4. You can even snag pen packs at $1 in Target, Walmart, and Staples.



This season, home improvement stores will offer discounts anywhere from 20-40% off grills this month.

Depending upon the type of grill you’re going after that could mean hundreds of dollars off the regular price.



Lawnmowers take up a lot of floor space in stores. And most stores don’t have room to store their mowers until next year.

This means they’ll be on a mission to clear out inventory in September to make room for Christmas trees and other holiday decorations.

Seasonal items are cheapest when the demand is low, and lawnmowers are no exception. No one is worried about grass that isn’t growing in the late fall and winter months.

So, if you have been thinking of getting a replacement, you’re sure to find a deal in September.

What to buy in september

Yard Decor

A few items to scout out this month are an outdoor area rug, fence decor, garden decor, and solar lights for your yard.

Outdoor lanterns are popular patio accents that you can find on sale in September.

Windchimes, umbrellas, and outdoor entertaining accessories (think melamine plates) will also be marked down in early fall.



September sales are an opportune time to grab the pieces that you have missed out on earlier in the year.

I hope you found this list of what to buy in September helpful. To see what to buy during other months in the year check out some of my previous posts here.

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