Review: Glittery Mountain 24 in Lighted Wreath

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It’s never too early to start shopping for a Christmas wreath. When it comes to holiday decorations the good ones go fast.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve waited too long to shop for a wreath only to find the good ones sold out.

This year I was determined to find a beautiful Christmas wreath for our front door.

In my search, I came across the Glittery Mountain 24 in. Lighted Wreath on Wayfair and fell in love.

It has an amazing star rating and over 1000 reviews, but I found a few worrying comments that left me a bit skeptical.

So, I decided the only way I would really know if this wreath was as awesome as it seemed was to buy it and see it for myself.

I’ve owned this wreath for a couple of months now and here’s what I think.

Glittery Mountain 24 inch Lighted Wreath


Straight out of the box the wreath looks very nice.

However, the branches, pine cones, and berries were all flattened out and smashed together.

This is something that I expected to see.

Don’t be deterred by this. It is necessary to make sure that the wreath is compacted inside of a well-fit box.

If the branches were to be fluffed out in the box the whole thing would slide around inside.

Bendable wire branches aren’t strong enough to hold up against a box being tossed around in the back of the delivery truck without getting damaged.

So it makes sense that the branches are compressed and the wreath is packed tightly.

As a result, expect to have to fluff out the wreath to get it to look like the product photos.

This is easy to do and I will detail out exactly how I did it in just a moment.

National Tree Company Wreath

National Tree Company Glittery Mountain Wreath

Glittery Mountain 24 inch Lighted Wreath

Glittery Mountain 24 in. Lighted Wreath

This wreath is 24 in diameter when it is fully fluffed out.  The berries are wired and adjustable.

The base of the wreath is constructed of two rings of branches.  An outer ring and an inner ring.

This item is lighted with warm white LED lights that are set on a timer.

When you turn the wreath on, the lights will stay lit for 6 hours.  They will then turn off on their own and remain off for 18 hours.

After that, it will turn back on again for 6 hours and continue on this cycle until you manually switch it off.

This means that you can set it and forget it for the entire holiday season.

Three AA batteries are required to operate the lights and timer feature.

The Glittery Mountain 24 inch Lighted Wreath has a 4.4-star rating with over 1000 reviews on Wayfair.

The brand is listed as Three Posts, however, the actual manufacturer of the wreath is the National Tree Company.

Three Posts is one of the top 10 brands at Wayfair that I discuss in the post “The Secret To Finding The Best Stuff At Wayfair”.

If you want to learn more about how to find the highest quality stuff for the best prices, check out that article.

While overall the reviews of the wreath are very positive, there were a few comments that initially made me think twice about this purchase.

They mentioned things like the wreath not looking like it does in the picture and glitter falling everywhere.

Below are some of the common questions and concerns regarding this wreath and my answers.

Glittery Mountain 24 inch Lighted Wreath

Questions and Answers

Does It Look Like The Picture?

Yes. This is the exact wreath that is in the picture. There is no doubt about it. You can even count the seven sprigs of berries and seven pine cones that are shown in the product photos.

Are The Branches Flocked Or Glittered?

The branches are glittered and not flocked. This means that you’re going to see little silver bits of glitter as opposed to faux snow sprinkling the ends of some of the branches.

The pine cones are whitewashed or painted to make them appear as though they are flocked.

Does The Timer Turn On and Off By Itself?

Yes. Once you turn on the wreath the timer will be activated.  It will run for 6 hours then turn off for 18.

It will turn itself on again the next day and continue on that cycle until you manually power off the wreath.

Does The Wreath Look Full?

Yes. The wreath looks very full once you fluff it out.

Are the lights bright?

The lights are the same brightness as your standard Christmas tree light. They give off a warm white light.

Is It Worth The Money?

Yes, the wreath is definitely worth the money.

I was able to snag it on sale for $39.99.

Did It Arrive Quickly?

Yes. The wreath arrived very quickly. I ordered it on a Monday and received it on a Friday via FedEx.

Things I Like

My favorite thing about this wreath is the lights and timer feature. Not having to go outside and turn off a wreath every day is going to be fantastic.

Because of the shade around our entryway the dusk till dawn style lights that turn on when the sun goes down do not work well.

I was really looking for something on a clock timer and this has been the perfect solution.

It goes without saying that the wreath itself is beautiful and looks great on our door.

There are lots of branches to fill it out and the berries and pine cones add a great touch.

Last but not least is the price.  The Glittery Mountain 24 in. Lighted Wreath is one of the most high-quality affordable wreaths I’ve come across.

For under $50 you can’t go wrong.

Things I Don’t Like

Now, on to the things that I don’t like so much about this wreath.

Glitter, Glitter, Everywhere

There is quite a bit of glitter fallout when you are fluffing out the branches.

In fact, I kept finding little specks of glitter on my kids for days.

Once I finished setting up the wreath, there was no more glitter fall out. It only happens when you’re handling the wreath.

I’ve heard you can spray glitter decor with hair spray to stop fallout, although I have never tried this myself.

So, the comments in the reviews regarding the glitter being everywhere are accurate and it comes from handling the wreath.

No Faux Snow

I would have preferred a faux snow accent over glitter.

It wasn’t until after I made my purchase and was looking up the National Tree Company’s other offerings that I realized there is a flocked version of this wreath being sold on Amazon.

So, if you want a large lighted wreath with faux snow, pine cones, and berries, check out that one.

Product Title Confusion

Last but not least, there is a typo in the name on this product listing.

This is no reflection on the wreath itself of course, but it caused a bit of confusion when I was comparison shopping.

On Wayfair, this item is listed as “Gittery Mountain 24 in. Lighted Wreath” by Three Posts.

When I Googled this name to compare prices, all I found was titles using the term “Glittery Mountain”.

After combing through the product photos on the different listings, I determined that this way in fact the “Glittery Mountain” wreath, not “Gittery Mountain”.

The other discrepancy is that this is listed under the brand Three Posts, not National Tree Company.

This may not seem like a big deal at first, but if you’re looking for coordinated pieces for this wreath like swags or mini trees, you won’t find them by searching Three Posts.

Instead, look for the National Tree Company listings.

How To Make The Glittery Mountain Wreath Look Like The Picture

Without question, you will need to fluff this wreath out.  As I mentioned in the unboxing section above, when you take it out of the box it will be quite flat.

But don’t worry.  You can get it back in shape in no time. Here’s how to fluff it out so that it looks exactly like the photo.

First, flip the wreath over and locate the outer ring and inner ring so that you know where they are.

How To Fluff A Wreath

Then, flip it right side up and start to shape the branches on the outer right.  To do this pull the bottom branches out and across so that they are all pointing in the same clockwise direction.

Glittery Mountain 24 inch Lighted Wreath

Shape the top branches on the outer ring by pulling these up and across slightly.

Next, move on to the inner ring of branches.

Bend the top branches straight upward almost to the point where they are pointing right at you. and some of them are directly facing you.

Pull the inner branches inward and in a clockwise motion.

Once the branches were fluffed out, I moved all of the pinecones and berries to the front so they can be seen.

How to Fluff Out A Wreath

How To Fluff Out A Wreath

You may need to straighten the berries.  Handle them gently and pull the berries to alternating sides of the stem.

How To Fluff Out A Wreath

How To Fluff Out A Wreath

Activating The Lights and Timer

Find the small green box encased in bubble wrap on the back of the wreath.  This is the battery pack.

Glittery Mountain 24 inch Lighted Wreath

Batteries are not included with this wreath.  To turn on the lights you will need to first remove the bubble wrap, open the battery pack using the side clips, then insert 3 AA batteries.

Pre Lit Wreath With Timer

Pre Lit Wreath With Timer

Pre Lit Wreath With Timer

Pre Lit Wreath With Timer

Once this is complete, close the cover, snap the clips and press the little black button on the back of the pack to turn the lights on.

Pre Lit Wreath With Timer

Arranging The Lights

The last thing I did was arrange the lights. This is totally optional.

Depending upon where you plan to place this wreath the lights will be more or less prominent at night.

The darker it is the more the lights on this wreath will stand out.  As a result, you will be able to see the random arrangement of lights.

That may or may not look good to you.

You can see in the photos below just how sporadic the light arrangement was on my wreath.

I didn’t like the way this looked at all.

So, I took a moment to adjust the lighting wire so that it took on a more concentric shape.

Glittery Mountain 24 inch Lighted Wreath

Glittery Mountain 24 inch Lighted Wreath

Would I Buy It Again?

I would buy this wreath again in a heartbeat. In fact, I’m thinking about getting a second.

I’d like to add a wreath either on my pantry door or fireplace mantel.

This wreath was a great buy and a fantastic deal for such a large, detailed design.  Not to mention the lights on a timer. You just can’t beat it.

I purchased mine from Wayfair but you can also find this wreath on Amazon as well. I’ll leave both of those links below.

Buy on Amazon – click here

Buy on Wayfair – click here

National Tree Company Glittery Mountain 24 inch Lighted Wreath


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