How To Decorate With Natural Elements On A Budget

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Knowing how to decorate with natural elements without breaking the bank is no easy feat.  Finding affordable pieces for your space can be exhausting. 

But, before you throw in the towel and buy that knockoff pressed particle board coffee table, read this post. 

You can still decorate with natural materials without breaking the bank. 

You just have to do it strategically. 

Here’s how. 

How To Decorate With Natural Elements

Why Is Decorating With Natural Elements So Popular?

Right now, if you browse through any home decor store you’ll see a plethora of seagrass baskets, rattan furniture, and clay pottery.

The popularity of boho interiors and eclectic decor have created even more of a demand for natural materials in the decorating world.

So, why do we love to decorate with natural elements so much?

One answer is that it adds the warmth and comfort of nature to our own homes.

Imagine a room that is all cement. It’s quite boring, isn’t it? 

It can look and feel intimidating, not to mention, imposing.

But imagine if there were a few accents of wood, bricks, stone, and even a bit of green foliage in there. Now that would be cozy. 

We’re all aware that research shows being outside in nature lifts our mood.

The same effect can be achieved in an indoor environment that features natural materials. 

Popular natural materials used in decorative home accents include everything from wood, bamboo, bricks, and stones to granite, marble, leather, iron, rattan, and wicker, and jute. 

Not only does it bring the outdoors inside, using natural materials in your décor adds an upscale look.

This is especially true when we embrace the organic shapes of those materials. 

How Natural Elements Elevate Your Space

In the United States, lots of handcrafted decor is imported from other countries.

The materials used are often rare in the US making them extra special.  

Moreover, a skilled artisan trained in working with these rare materials would have been needed to create whatever decorative piece you’ve purchased.

This is why they tend to be more expensive. 

The “import” factor plays a big role in how natural materials elevate your space.

When you carefully curate and source your decor instantly, the items in your home begin to have a story.

You can imagine where the materials came from, how they were harvested, and who helped transform them into what they are now. 

A great example is this bone inlay design for furniture.  I have a whole post about bone inlay furniture and how it is created.

The process is fascinating to watch, and it is more of an art from those who have practiced it for years.

It’s these types of stories attached to rare natural materials that elevate your space.

How To Decorate With Natural Elements

8 Ways To Decorate With Natural Elements On A Budget

Here are some easy ways to decorate with natural elements, especially if you’re on a budget.


1. Target smaller items like grasses, moss, branches, and dried flowers.

Target small items such as grasses, moss, branches, dried flowers, and potted plants. 

Plants are an easy way to add a layer of natural materials to your spaces, making them more relaxing and comfortable.

Regardless of your interior design style, it is very easy to decorate with greenery indoors. 

Grasses and moss are perfect for filling the bottom of vases or decorative bowls.  Larger branches help add height to your displays and require little to no maintenance.

Live potted plants are another great option that not only beautifies your space but also helps purify the air inside your home. 

This is a win-win situation for everyone.

2. Use area rugs made from natural materials like wool or jute.

On this blog, we’ve talked at length about area rugs and how they impact your space.

But, did you know that an area rug is one of the most budget-friendly ways to decorate with natural materials?

Sustainable rugs have taken over the design world.

And the great news is that natural materials like wool or jute are not only accessible these days, they are also affordable and come in a variety of styles.

Using rugs made of natural materials in neutral colors will elevate your space in a major way. 

Gia Handmade Flatweave Jute/Sisal Natural Area Rug – Gia Handmade Flatweave Jute/Sisal Natural Area Rug

3. Look for baskets made of seagrass or rattan.

Rattan and seagrass have made such a comeback lately when it comes to storage and accent pieces. 

They’re not only being used to store things like blankets, pillows, and toys but now being hung on walls in a decorative display.  

Check out the post “Baskets: They’re Weaving Their Way Onto Our Walls” for more on that.

Seagrass and rattan baskets add an instant earthy accent to any interior.

They complement many design styles, whether it’s boho chic or modern farmhouse. 

The woven belly baskets are huge right now.

They are durable and practical, and an added bonus is that there are many ways to decorate them. 

Many come with cute details like pom-poms and tassels. 

They do well for storing extra blankets, pillows, toys, etc.  You’ll also see them used to dress up otherwise plain pots for plants and indoor trees.

BlueMake Woven Seagrass Belly Basket
Amazon – BlueMake Woven Seagrass Belly Basket


4. Find small accent furniture made from bamboo or rattan.

Nothing screams sustainable and natural like bamboo. 

Bamboo is a very pliable material and is commonly used as lightweight furniture. 

Bamboo is also popular when creating backyard tranquility or Zen Gardens. A breeze through its leaves creates a very calming effect.

For small accent furniture, you can find coffee tables and end tables made of bamboo that won’t break the bank. 

Another idea is a reading chair made of bamboo, it will be a conversation piece and can be used as a lounge chair when adjusted.

5. Opt for marble table tops.

An accent table with a marble top is perfect for creating a luxe look for less in your space. 

Go for light-colored marble.  These pair excellently with other natural material accent pieces such as leather or neutral baskets and throws. 

To add even more of a natural appeal to your marble top accent table, go for the wooden legs instead of metal.  

This option is especially great if you’re going for that Scandi-minimalist look. 


6. Look for lamps, lampshades, and chandeliers made from natural materials.  

Woven pendant lights and chandeliers are very popular right now.

It’s yet another way to decorate with natural elements and soften an otherwise formal space.

Look for bamboo or rattan handwoven pendant lights if you have an airy room such as a dining room or kitchen with raised ceilings.

Another romantic option is to look for lighting made of Capiz shells.  

The opaque shells add a soft glow in any space. They are exotic and elegant; some look like mini chandeliers with all the hanging pieces. 

Even if they look luxurious, some of them are actually affordable. 

The Isla White Chandelier by Urban Habitat from Overstock is a big seller and highly rated.

Isla White Chandelier by Urban Habitat – Isla White Chandelier by Urban Habitat

7. Buy larger items second hand and open box thrift shops.

Even larger decorative pieces can be purchased at bargain prices at thrift shops and online shops, such as Mercari, Facebook Marketplace, Offerup, and Craiglist. 

If you’re not a fan of the smaller marketplaces you can always go for the open box deals from bigger retailers.

I have a whole post on where to shop open box home decor.  My personal favorite is Wayfair.  I’ve never been disappointed by anything I’ve received from their open-box deals.

Moreover, I save a lot of money doing so.

8. Go for the statement piece.

There’s no denying the beauty of a sculptural piece of decor, whether it be wood or stone.  

And while I’d love to have this amazing driftwood and glass coffee table in my living room.  I just can’t afford it.  

Instead, as I continue my journey of decorating on a budget, I’m opting for small affordable tabletop statement pieces.

Something like this natural wood bowl would elevate any space. 

statement wood bowl – CaraConcept – Wood Fruit Bowl


You don’t have to spend a lot to bring the outdoors inside your home.  It’s easy to decorate with natural elements on a budget when you have a plan.

All it takes is a little strategizing and knowing what you want and where to look. 

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