7 Inexpensive Nursery Decor Ideas

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New babies are expensive.  You may find yourself tapped out after covering the basics like diapering, feeding, bathing, clothing, and hospital bills.  So much so that beautiful nursery decor is something that will have to be put on the back burner.

I know because I’ve been there.  I missed out on decorating a proper nursery the first time around for a variety of reasons.

However, since then I’ve done a bit of research into how to decorate a nursery on a budget, and here’s what worked for me.

7 Inexpensive Nursery Decor Ideas

#1 – Free Nursery Printables

There are a ton of free printable nursery graphics out there.  Just google “free nursery printables” and you’ll find more than you’ll ever need.

My favorites came from Chickadeeartandco.com.  The clean graphic style and variety of subjects make these perfect to mix and match into a gallery wall.

There are nautical themed graphics, animals, adventure, and other styles to choose from.  Best of all, they’re offered as a free printable.  Their paid graphics are also very affordable.

I recommend visiting this site first before purchasing elsewhere.  I’ve yet to see a better deal for graphics of this quality.

Below is a look at the gallery wall I created from Chickadee Art & Co. graphics.  The frames were only $1.88 at Walmart which brought this entire project to a total of about $12.

nursery decor
Nursery Decor

#2 – Custom Photo Matting

To help reinforce or establish a color scheme consider adding custom frame matting to your photos.

This can be done using scrapbook paper from a craft store like Hobby Lobby and simply cutting it down to size.  Below is a custom mat I created for one of the Walmart frames.

It worked like a charm to bring in shades of blue that I have accented throughout my home.

Best of all, the scrapbook paper was on sale for 25 cents!  There are a lot of styles to choose from, including nursery and baby-themed paper that is perfect for a nursery.

nursery decor
Custom Photo Mat

This custom matting option is also a great way to save a bit on your frames.

Picture frames that come with matting tend to be slightly more expensive than those that don’t.

So if you want to save a few dollars on your next gallery wall project, consider picking up the cheaper unmatted frames and cutting your own.

For more on gallery walls check out the post “The Ins and Outs of Gallery Walls“.

#3 – Throw Rug

Area rugs can be expensive.  To get the look of a defined area within a room, consider adding an inexpensive shag throw rug from a place like Five Below.

For only $5 they’re the perfect size to lay in front of a crib or changing table and will add a little extra style to your nursery.

If you prefer a larger area rug but don’t want to shell out hundreds of dollars, check out the post “20 Awesome Area Rugs Under $50 from Houzz“.

nursery decor
Plush Round Shag Rug – fivebelow.com

#4 – Closet Organizer

One thing I almost overlooked when planning for my firstborn was the fact that you need special baby-sized hangers for their clothes.  Who knew!

I found the Delta Children Nursery Storage 48 Piece Set on Amazon and put it on my registry.  It was by far one of the best choices I could have ever made.

Not only does it give you hangers, storage bins, hanging storage, and those cute little labels to sort out the sizes, but it instantly created the most beautiful closet.

When it comes to nursery decor, this is a one and done solution.  I’ll definitely be purchasing another one for the next baby.

Nursery decor
Delta Children Nursery Storage 48 Piece Set

#5 – Wall Decals

Although the price of wallpaper has come down in recent years, wall decals are still a less expensive option for creating an accent wall.

So forget about breaking out paint buckets or ladders.  Go the easy route and get wall decals.

The cheapest place I’ve found them is Wish.  You’ll have to wait a while to get them, but they’ll be a fraction of the price of buying them anywhere else.

Also, don’t forget that there are lots of decal options beyond full scenes.  You can use decal height charts, borders, or even create a chalkboard wall with stick-on tiles.  All of these are great for accenting a nursery wall.

nursery decor
Height Chart Decals – Wish.com

#6 – Toys & Baby Gear

Don’t forget to let your baby gear do double duty and work as decor.

Floor playmats are especially good for this.  They tend to come in a few different styles.

Before you buy, see which ones go best with the colors you’ve picked for your room.  Playmats and tents make great decor items in addition to useful playthings.

You may also be surprised to see how much room they take up in a nursery.  So, if you’re trying to fill in some blank corners or your room, consider letting a play item stand-in for a piece of furniture or other expensive nursery decor pieces.

nursery decor
Bright Starts Play Mat

#7 – Decorative Changing Table Storage

Styling a changing table that has open shelving on the bottom is another great way to add style to your nursery.

Use baskets or bins to help organize the items you need while simultaneously creating a beautiful display.

Grabbing a few bins from a dollar store to arrange in the bottom of a changing table is far less expensive than purchasing a full dresser for the room.

Plus, it gives you the opportunity to add extra decor accents to the shelves.  This example below from ashadeofteal.com is lovely.

Changing Table Decor
Changing Table Decor – ashadeofteal.com

Do you have any other inexpensive nursery decorating ideas?  Please share them in the comments below.

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