5 Lovely Laundry Room Ideas

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Laundry is one of my least favorite chores.  What I do love about laundry is the idea of a beautifully designed laundry room.  Unfortunately, I do not have one… yet.  But, I’m always on the hunt for great laundry room ideas.

I am determined to get it together this year and design a space that is gorgeous.

More importantly, a space that makes it easy for me to complete this chore efficiently.

It seems no matter how many times I try to complete a full cycle without distraction, it never happens.  Things get left in the wash so long that they start to smell and I have to wash them all over again.

Then, they get left in the dryer too long after the cycle ends and wrinkle so I have to tumble out the kinks.

Finally, they get left in a pile on the bed waiting to be folded and wrinkle for a second time.

GAH!! I hate it.  I really do.

And yes, many the newer washer and dryer models (like mine) have settings just for this problem.  Yet, I still have problems completing the chore.

Why?  Because it’s effectively a snooze button.  And we all know how that snooze game goes.

In the end, a task that should have taken me an hour and a half tops became an all-day or even two-day affair.  But, I digress.

There are so many incredible examples of laundry rooms online.  Here are 5 of my favorite laundry room ideas.

5 Lovely Laundry Room Ideas

1 – Soothing Tones

The colors in this room are perfection.  The clean white and soothing blue-green walls make this a very inviting space.  Not to mention the charming glass doors on the cabinets.

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laundry room ideas

2 – All White Laundry Room

This all-white laundry was featured in C Magazine.  The granite countertop above the washer and dryer not only looks great but adds some much appreciated folding space.

all white laundry room

3 – Small Space Laundry Hub

This small space is designed perfectly.  The floors are awesome and I love how the dark color makes chalkboard labels on the baskets pop.

laundry room ideas

4 – Sink Separated

This example from apartment therapy is unique.  The laundry sink has been placed in between the washer and dryer.  This is rare, yet creates a lovely balance in the space.

The sage green cabinets and cream walls make an amazing color combo as well.

sage green laundry

5 – Laundry Room with Statement Lighting

One word. Chandelier.  I just love an unexpected lighting choice.  It really gives this room an elegant touch.  Plus, it’s probably more affordable than one might think.  I have a post full of chandeliers under $200.

Also, the wall art hanging to the left above the hooks is a creative use of the space.

laundry room with chandlier


That’s my quick laundry inspiration round up.  I hope you liked the selection

Please comment below if you’ve found any gems online that you’d like to share.  Don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin’ for bonus weekly content.

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